MERIDIAN — And you thought the IHL Board hiring of the new chancellor at Ole Miss was chaotic?

You know. The board, as usual, set up a search process including a campus advisory committee and a national search consultant. They accepted resumés and screened applicants. They announced a list of finalists, scheduled campus visits, and held initial interviews. Then, seemingly at a whim, they threw the whole process out the window and gave the job to the former IHL commissioner, who they were paying to help with the search.

Oh, boy.

The chaotic way Dr. Glenn Boyce was hired puts him in a deep hole and undermines the board’s credibility. Further, while Boyce is a good man and highly competent professional, his resumé to serve as chancellor is thin, so paying him a starting salary the same as the highly successful and proven president of Mississippi State University also dings the board’s credibility.

Well, all this may be just a precursor of chaotic government coming to Mississippi.

“We’re gonna run this state like Donald J. Trump is running America.”

That was Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, now the governor-elect, at the Good Ole Boys gathering last month near Oxford that featured Donald Trump, Jr.


Consider this. The people who Trump uses to “run America” are cabinet secretaries, their assistants and deputies, and presidential staff. During the almost three years of the Trump presidency, 20 cabinet secretaries (there are only 15 such positions) and hundreds of assistant and deputy secretaries have come and gone. So, too, have numerous members of his staff. He is, for example, on his third chief of staff and fourth national security advisor.

It would take a very stable genius of great and unmatched wisdom with the power to do anything he wants to effectively run government with chaotic turnover like this.

Oh, wait. Surely that’s the answer.

The president, himself, has told us that he is “a very stable genius” and that he is blessed with “great and unmatched wisdom” and that Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever I want as president.”

Golly gee. That means all Tate Reeves would have to do is announce his own genius, unmatched wisdom and power to do whatever he wants in order to run Mississippi just like Trump runs America.

Wonder how many of the 10 agency heads the governor appoints he could turn over in three years?

Ah, but can he learn to personally manipulate Twitter at all hours of the day and night and, like Trump, use this unorthodox and chaotic method to communicate major decisions and insults to allies, opponents and top leaders?

And would he be willing to give up his financial watchdog mantle to bring chaos to budgets a la Trump. You see, in running America the president has pushed the federal budget deficit up to $984 billion for fiscal year 2019 and the national debt to more than $22 trillion as he brilliantly maneuvers to keep his promise to eliminate both the deficit and debt.

Wow! Who knew Reeves had anything like this in mind?

Upon reflection, it may be quite fitting. Chaos in government seems to be the new norm as it surges in Britain, Austria, Chile, Venezuela, Israel, Italy, Hong Kong and beyond.

Be warned, “The nations are in chaos, and their kingdoms crumble!” — Psalms 46:6.

Bill Crawford is a Republican former state lawmaker from Meridian.

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