JACKSON — As we hunker down in fear of the coronavirus, not all must be gloom and doom.

The wonderful Facebook blog “Motherhood and Muffin Tops,” written by my wife’s cousin Joni Miller, last week provided us with an enlightening perspective. Here are key excerpts from it:

“This is a pretty drastic pruning back of our lives that we’re being asked to do. Goodness knows, I’ve never experienced anything like this in my lifetime. We’re trimming away the physical contact we have with each other and cutting back the places where we overlap and touch. We’re each being asked to draw back to our own habitat and our own core. It’s not really something any of us wants to do, but we could use this time as a reset.

“Maybe we all need to be pruned back to the basics. Maybe we can grow back kinder with more tender, supple exteriors. Maybe we can harbor less weeds and thorns that inflict pain. Maybe we’ll start to grow in the right direction. Maybe we can take in better nutrients. Maybe we’ll help develop stronger root systems for the branches that we support. Maybe we’ll start to see the beauty in others and appreciate their place in the big picture. Maybe we’ll learn how to depend on our Maker again. Maybe we’ll move toward the light and away from the darkness. Maybe we’ll be willing to let go of those limbs that protrude and infringe on others. Maybe we can give attention to those parts of us that are hurt and unhealthy. And, after a time, maybe we can come back new and refreshed and stronger. Maybe we’ll find more that is admirable and of good report when we reunite. Maybe we’ll see that we do need each other. Maybe we’ll realize that we are better together.

“I have friends who’ve waited their whole lives for someone to tell them to stay home and keep away from people. I have others who are already climbing the walls and needing a night out. Some people are hoarding. Some are stressing. Some aren’t paying the news one bit of attention. Nobody really knows where this is headed or for how long, but I hope we can use our alone time wisely. Even if it’s for an unfortunate reason, we may never have another time like this again.

“A timeout has been called in life. An opportunity to do all of those things we claimed we never had time for. A moment we can slow down and learn and grow from our adversity. Let’s all go back to where we were planted and start over from the ground up. Each from her own beginnings. Each along with her Creator. And, after a while, may we come back together more holy and lovely and united than ever before.”

Be still, and know that I am God. — Psalm 46:10

Bill Crawford is a Republican former state lawmaker. Previously from Meridian, he now lives in Jackson.

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