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JACKSON — Kudos to Mississippi U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker for sponsoring a bill to amend Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1996.

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As many discuss Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death in the political sense, it can be equally important to note her death in a spiritual way.

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STARKVILLE — From microwave popcorn to digital grocery shopping to telemedicine, our citizens worship time and the technology that saves time. But in Mississippi and a few other states, we reject the notion of our obsession with time and convenience when it comes to voting.

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OXFORD — State Auditor Shad White’s call for the University of Mississippi to fire sociology professor James Thomas brings to mind James W. Silver.

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JACKSON — I finally got to go alligator hunting, thanks to my neighbor, friend and fellow church member, Judge Jeff Weill.

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JACKSON — Gov. Tate Reeves bemoaned the politicization of the COVID-19 coronavirus last week, reported Mississippi Today. He complained that there are “certain groups that want to politicize everything.”

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JACKSON — Mike Parker, the last Republican candidate for governor to lose in the general election, has for almost two decades been a non-factor in Mississippi politics.

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Bob Woodward has been listening to politicians and others throw him lines of bull for 50 years.

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JACKSON — As the $3 billion stimulus impact provided by Congress winds down, businesses spend out their Paycheck Protection Program loans, and the extra $600 in weekly unemployment payments ends, is Mississippi’s economy ready to go it alone?

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STARKVILLE­ — It’s difficult to think of Julia Reed without hearing her raspy, smoky voice — sort of an odd cross between Lauren Bacall and the sound a farrier’s rasp makes on the hooves of a draft horse. When she laughed, it was earthy, twangy and honest.

OXFORD — Andy Gipson doesn’t seem like the most logical state official to come up with a good idea on COVID 19-era public school education.

One of the earliest and most lasting images used to describe the focus of former Georgetown University coaching great John Thompson centered on the deflated basketball he kept on his desk.

JACKSON — Don Barrett is a small-town Mississippi lawyer with a punch felt across the country. The Lexington lawyer has an immensely successful track record of winning big judgments in courts across the country. Now, he’s handling the case he has always dreamed of — a billion-dollar case on …

RIDGELAND — Recently, an op-ed column by Jameson Taylor of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy appeared in the Mississippi Business Journal recommending that the state of Mississippi not adopt Medicaid expansion. The argument made was now is not the time to expand Medicaid because “righ…

STARKVILLE­ — A decade ago, I was writing about what I saw as a crisis in Mississippi’s death investigation system. Last week, in the case of death row inmate Eddie Lee Howard Jr., the state Supreme Court took an essential step toward facing up to a system that remained broken for decades.

OXFORD — My father used to tell the story about a man knocking down another guy who had cursed him — calling him a name that questioned his parentage.

RIDGELAND — Early in the 20th century, William Alexander Percy of Greenville characterized J.K. Vardaman’s followers as “the kind of people who ... attend revivals and fight and fornicate in the bushes afterwards.”  Every few years I am reminded of those words, usually coincidental with the …

Gov. Tate Reeves needs to add one more exception to his statewide mask decree for Mississippi.

JACKSON — Leslie Stingley launched her cottage food business this spring when she lost her job shortly after the pandemic began. It’s been a lifeline for her family.

STARKVILLE — With the Republican National Convention wrapping up this week and the Democratic National Convention just behind us, the stretch run has essentially begun in the 2020 presidential campaign. There are just 10 weeks left in this election.

OXFORD — Job openings at Mississippi prisons, Vermont convicts catching COVID-19 in the Mississippi Delta and an actress going to prison bring to mind the time an industry-hungry county turned down an opportunity to host a prison.

JACKSON — Mississippi is making headlines as one of the world’s COVID-19 hot spots. Our state has one of the highest positivity rates in the world. Twenty percent of Mississippians who are being tested are positive for COVID-19.

JACKSON — As of April 30, the pandemic shutdown pushed Mississippi’s unemployment rate up to 15.7% with 187,800 unemployed residents. Two weeks later, Gov. Tate Reeves thrust John Rounsaville into the middle of this economic crisis, putting him in charge of the Mississippi Development Authority.

STARKVILLE­ — As the national debate roils over whether or not President Donald Trump and some of his appointees are actively setting up the U.S. Postal Service as an intentional impediment to mail-in voting and other early voting efforts, Mississippi is essentially on the sidelines as one o…

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OXFORD — This week — Aug. 18 to be exact — marks the 100th birthday of the 19th Amendment, which gives women the right to vote.

JACKSON — Good news! Mississippi COVID-19 cases (seven-day average) are down 30% from the July 26 peak. Deaths are down 17% from the Aug. 5 peak.

JACKSON — If Democrat Mike Espy catches lightning in a bottle in November, he could make history as the first Black Mississippian elected to the U.S. Senate in the modern era. If he does not, his campaign could at least serve as a primer for future statewide candidates.

STARKVILLE­ — Whack-A-Mole, a popular arcade game back in the mid-1970s, required players to use a mallet to strike randomly appearing toy moles back into their holes. The game’s heyday has come and gone, but the game’s concept remains a part of the nation’s lexicon in problem-solving.

JACKSON — Yet another birthday. If I keep this up a few more years, I’ll outlive my father. We always were a bit competitive.

As teachers return to school, they are going to be under a lot of stress, especially where schools are starting with at least some in-person instruction.

NORTH CARROLLTON — It felt like I was watching a historic moment for this area, when Delta Electric General Manager David O’Bryan presented this past week to the Carroll County Board of Supervisors the utility cooperative’s fiber broadband project.

JACKSON — There are the cold-hearted and the warm-hearted, the kind-hearted and the cruel-hearted, the soft-hearted and the hard-hearted among us. Do hearts matter when it comes to leadership?

STARKVILLE­ – Mississippi voters will face the question of legalized medical marijuana use on a broader scale on the November ballot. Medical marijuana is already legal in Mississippi in the narrowest of senses.

OXFORD — The phrase “all politics are local” is most commonly attributed to former U.S. House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, the Democrat from Massachusetts.

JACKSON — Despite our torrid culture today, servant-leaders still work to make our lives better.

JACKSON — When I was beginning my career as a journalist, I strove to be as objective as possible. It was not only a personal goal, but it was always a goal of the newspapers for which I wrote.

STARKVILLE­ — Charles Evers, who died last week at the age of 97, changed Mississippi politics in ways that are profound and enduring. Yet Evers was for most of his life a walking contradiction in both his public and private lives.

OXFORD — Three civil rights icons — Charles Evers, John Lewis and C.T. Vivian — all died last week, and of the three, Evers’ passing received the least national publicity.

COLUMBIA — The Columbia and Marion County school districts have released detailed plans for how they plan to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread once classes resume next week.

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JACKSON — Perhaps you read the hyperbolic rant published by former state representative and unsuccessful GOP governor candidate Robert Foster that slammed “Dictator” Gov. Tate Reeves for his recent coronavirus executive order.

JACKSON — For the first time ever, I wrote a column internet first, print second. I guess the times are changing.

STARKVILLE­ — I have a huge old six-gallon glass water bottle that I inherited from my father. I use it for the same purpose that he did — as a container for pennies.

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With face masks a major focus these days in the fight against — and about — the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been trying to educate myself about them.

JACKSON — I know many are going to chuckle at my being impressed with being married for 25 years. For them, that’s not even halfway there.

JACKSON — These are still “times that try men’s souls,” Mr. Paine, but not as they did in your time.

STARKVILLE — Erstwhile DeSoto County state legislator and failed GOP gubernatorial contender Robert Foster is certainly entitled to his opinions about government mask requirements. He is also free to apply whatever overwrought definitions to freedom, liberty and tyranny that he chooses.

JACKSON — In May 2000, Ronnie Musgrove, coming off a razor-thin win the year before to capture the office of governor, had just enjoyed a successful legislative session where his teacher pay raise proposal, still the largest in state history, was approved.

JACKSON — It’s now six months since COVID-19 became a household word. Let’s breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn’t anything as bad as the Spanish flu of 1918.

COLUMBIA — The big question right now for every parent in Mississippi and really all of America is this: What in the world are schools going to do when it’s time to go back in August?

STARKVILLE­ — The social and cultural ripples from the “Black Lives Matter” movement continue, from the amazing saga of the taking down of the Mississippi state flag to the ongoing debate over moving or removing monuments and changing building names on edifices named for individuals who don’…