Howard Street

Howard Street south of Johnson Street, in Ward 5, is one of several streets in Greenwood that was repaved through the city’s street improvement project.

The city of Greenwood’s street improvement project is going smoothly after a month.

So far, various streets in Wards 5 and 7 have been milled and repaved using money from a $6.3 million bond issue.

In August, the City Council voted to accept a $4.3 million bid from Gregory Companies LLC to carry out the street improvements project with Willis Engineering serving as the engineers.

“They’re going quickly because the weather’s been so great,” Mayor Carolyn McAdams said.

The borrowed money was split evenly among the City Council’s seven ward representatives, who determined which streets in their wards would be repaved.

According to McAdams, the following streets, or portions of a street, have been repaved:

nWard 5: Nichols Avenue, Oak Street and Pelican Street have all been fully repaved. Portions of Howard Street, Avenue I, Avenue P, Carrollton Avenue, McLaurin Street, Gibbs Street, Washington Street, Lamar Street, Market Street, McLemore Street and Pearl Street have been repaved.

nWard 7: North Street and Basket Street have been fully repaved, and portions of McConnell Street, Walker Street, McNeill Street, Avenue A, McLaurin Street, St. Charles Street, Avenue J, Avenue L, Avenue N, Avenue K and Young Street have been repaved.

“I think it’s great that they’re being repaired at this point,” said Ward 7’s Carl Palmer. “It’s way past due, and I’ve been talking to a lot of citizens, and they’re appreciative of it being done.”

He said he was especially pleased about the repaving of Avenue N and Barrentine Street, near the historic Good Shepherd and Magnolia cemeteries.

Ward 5 Councilman Andrew Powell said of the work, “The citizens of Ward 5 seem to appreciate it and are really happy about it, and so am I.”

Howard Street south of Johnson Street, which had been marred by numerous potholes, was one of the streets in Powell’s ward that he said was in desperate need of repair.

McAdams said that Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Ward 6 has been milled and should be repaved this week.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

After being milled, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, in Ward 6, will be repaved as part of the ongoing Greenwood street improvement project.

Ultimately, the work in Wards, 5, 6 and 7 should be finished within two weeks, she said.

Milling and street repavements would then begin in Wards 1 through 4.  

Once the temperature drops below 50 degrees, street repavements will be put on hold until the temperature rises again, the mayor said.

The City Council has discussed the condition of the city’s pothole-riddled streets and how to fix them in past meetings.

The city had previously been using mostly a short-term approach, filling the potholes with cold-mix, an asphalt mixture that can eventually be washed out by rainfall.

McAdams said the repaving  should hold up between 10 to 15 years, depending on the amount and weight of vehicle traffic on them.

The expected amount of time the repaved streets should last is the same amount of time the city has to pay the money it borrowed, McAdams said.

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