'Cast Black & Rose Gold' range

A showroom by a top national designer, Kara Mann, shows a “Cast Black & Rose Gold” Viking range that is new in the luxury market. Only 110 will be made.

Viking Range, known for developing the once-revolutionary look of stainless steel kitchen appliances for the home, has introduced a limited-edition dark black range with rose-gold accents that’s being marketed as a collectible for luxury kitchens.  

Only 110 of the custom-built “Cast Black & Rose Gold” ranges will be sold. They are being made as they are ordered by employees at the company’s plant on Viking Road. Viking employs 557 people in Greenwood.

Buyers can choose a model that is 36 inches wide or one that’s 48. The price stretches from $11,049 to $22,729. “This range is for the customer who wants a high-end ... luxury product that makes a design statement in the kitchen and wants something nobody else has — and is available in very limited quantities,” said Tim Tyler, Viking’s marketing director.

Kevin Brown, Viking’s president, said the company took a prototype to a Kitchen and Bath Industry show  in Orlando a couple of years ago, and it was a hit, with people having their pictures taken beside it.

So, “we kind of took it and ran with it,” he said.

“Cast Black & Rose-Gold” range

An earlier version of the new “Cast Black & Rose-Gold” Viking range sits in the company’s headquarters on Front Street. It has a solid black ledge along the front of the range but not the rose-gold accents featured in the models now in showrooms across the country. From the left are Tim Tyler, marketing director; Brandon Piascik, an engineering intern from Mississippi State University; Kevin Vanderlip, cooking quality manager; Willie Edwards, assembly manager; Kevin Brown, president; Scott Burrows, finishing manager; and Jemsheer Thayyullathil, chief engineer in research and development.

“We had an idea to come out every year or every other year with a limited-edition concept range,” Tyler explained. For some time, he said, “the typical Viking Range” has included color, but ledges on the front of burners on the range top had to be stainless steel for durability purposes.

However, Viking has developed a finish for a black ledge that doesn’t scratch. Scott Borrows, finishing manager, called the development “an innovation in technology.”

Tyler said the ranges are being numbered from 1 to 110 and each will have a plaque. “No. 1 may be on display at a showroom at the current time,” he said.

No. 3 is owned by three-star Michelin chef Patrick O’Connell, who has one inside his home in Washington, Virginia, Tyler said.

Kara Mann, one of Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers, created a showroom for the “Cast Black Rose Gold” ranges. She said in a press release from Viking that “this approach from Viking Range is amazing. The use of rose gold is definitely unique ... moving away from the typical stainless steel.”

“The scarcity of the product makes it more desirable,” Tyler said. “People love it. Also, what is unique about this particular product launch is that it is forwarded not only from the design community but also endorsed  from the culinary community.”

He continued, “We look forward to, in future years, release the next limited edition. Right now, in secret, the design and engineering group is working on what is the next concept for the next limited-edition Viking range.”

The original version of this article incorrectly reported the number of employees Viking Range has in Greenwood.

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The original version of this article had an incorrect time for the seminar.

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