Several principals and administrators have been hired for the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District for the 2019-2020 school year.

The principals will be:

• Glen Stevens at Bankston Elementary. Stevens is currently the principal of Akin Elementary in Greenville, a position he’s had for six years. He had also served as principal of J.Z. George High School for two years, dean of students at Pillow Academy for  four years, and the director of Mississippi Valley State University’s Greenwood Center (now closed) for four years.

LaFonda Brown, an academic coach at Claudine Brown Elementary, will be the school’s assistant principal.

• Tara Harris at Claudine Brown Elementary. Harris is currently an assistant principal at Bankston.

• Kevin Mayes at Greenwood Middle School. Mayes is now an academic coach at East Elementary. The current principal, Likisha Coleman, will be the district’s assistant superintendent for student support and improvement.

• Dr. Fletcher Harges at Greenwood High School. Harges has been principal of Marshall Elementary in Carroll County since 2013. The current principal, Dr. Kenneth Pulley, will be the district’s deputy superintendent of academics and leadership.

The board approved the principals’ and assistant principals’ salary scale for the 2019-2020 school year earlier this week. These are the ranges, depending on an individual’s  years of experience and education:

• A high school principal can make $91,000 to $95,360.

• A middle school principal can make $85,430 to $89,790.

• An elementary school principal can make $80,280 to $84,640.

• A high school assistant principal can make $77,250 to $82,610.

• A middle school assistant principal can make $76,220 to $81,580.

• An elementary school assistant principal can make $67,980 to $73,340.  

Some of the newly hired administrative directors, which the district now refers to as chiefs, are chief of federal programs, chief of elementary education and chief of secondary education, among others.

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In the article Administrator named for new district: Here we go again--Friends and Family Kevin Mays is the board president's son. I wonder how many qualified people were passed over so that he could get the job. That is one reason why I moved from Greenwood. GWood Today

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[thumbdown] How can you repair or upgrade anything with the same old parts. Greenwood will never progress to higher standards until they get better qualified administrators in office. Just shaking my head.

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