A Greenwood man, who according to a family member was known for his strong opposition to domestic violence, was fatally shot Monday night after intervening in a dispute between a female cousin and her boyfriend.

“He was a strong advocate for women,” Marcus Davis, a resident of Atlanta, said of his 29-year-old cousin, Antonio.

Antonio Davis was pronounced dead after police found him in his car with a gunshot wound in his upper torso, Police Chief Ray Moore said.

The police had received a call about a gunshot victim at the 200 block of Noel Street at about 10 p.m. Monday.

According to the chief, Davis was responding to a domestic  dispute between a female cousin, who lived on Noel Street, and her Itta Bena boyfriend. Moore declined to release the name of the cousin.

Once at the residence, Davis and the 27-year-old boyfriend began arguing, and both men eventually drew firearms and shot at each other, according to a witness interviewed by police.

After being hit by gunfire just outside the residence, Davis got into his car, Moore said.

Neither the female cousin nor the boyfriend was wounded.

“I’m more than sure that if he had a chance to step in again, he would,” Marcus Davis said of his cousin.

Spent shell casings were recovered at the scene but no weapons. Moore was unable to say whether the shell casings came from different guns.

The alleged culprit in the shooting was being held by police, but as of Tuesday afternoon, no charges had been filed.

Marcus Davis said his cousin “was a very loving, thoughtful, humble guy who would do anything for anybody.”

Descriptions of Antonio Davis as a loving and thoughtful man were also shared by numerous friends and family on Facebook Tuesday. He  would always take a stand against domestic violence, having witnessed the effects of it on his mother while he was growing up, his cousin said.

Antonio Davis did roof work and other manual jobs for a living. He has several children, some in Louisiana and others in Greenwood, Marcus Davis said.

Antonio Davis lived in Angie, Louisiana, from about 2011 to 2017 before returning to Greenwood following the death of his mother, his cousin said.  

Antonio Davis’ death is the eighth homicide in Leflore County this year, all of which involved firearms.

It comes only a couple of days after the fatal shooting of Devin Cain, 31, which occurred Saturday on Oak Street. No arrests have been made in Cain’s slaying.

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