Pervous “Popeye” Stanciel

Pervous “Popeye” Stanciel takes a seat at his relaxation spot in his backyard. Stanciel, 46, has worked at the Clark Beverage Group warehouse in Greenwood since he was 19.

If there’s one thing Pervous “Popeye” Stanciel is known for, it’s cooking.

“Everybody knows I cook,” the 46-year-old Greenwood resident said.

In his off time from his job as a warehouse worker at Clark Beverage Group, Stanciel can often be seen cooking as a side hustle for a variety of functions — parties, family reunions and other gatherings, most recently for neighborhood meetings held by Operation Peace Treaty Inc. The anti-gun violence group has been using Stanciel’s barbecue as an incentive for people in the community to fill out surveys regarding their thoughts on this year’s rash of shootings.

“I just show up and do my thing,” Stanciel said of his cooking.

Stanciel makes a variety of meat dishes — ribs, hamburgers, smoked sausages and chicken wings, to name a few.

His favorite dish to make, however, is the “junk pot,” a concoction that consists of meat, potatoes and sweet corn, plus other ingredients, all stuffed together into a pot.

“I like junk pots because you can feed 20 people,” Stanciel said.

Aside from cooking for people at events, Stanciel said he also enjoys meeting the people he serves.

Stanciel learned to cook from his father, the late Roscoe Robinson Jr.

“He was a good father,” Stanciel said, “my best friend.”

His father ran a restaurant, Roscoe’s Barbecue Place, on Broad Street for several years in the 1980s, Stanciel said.

Pervous “Popeye” Stanciel

Pervous “Popeye” Stanciel grills some ribs for a neighborhood meeting held last month by Operation Peace Treaty Inc., an anti-gun violence group. 

“He had the best pulled pork sandwich. They called it the ‘hog on a bun,’” Stanciel recalled.

It was at his father’s restaurant, while helping out, that Stanciel first learned how to cook.

Stanciel grew up in Greenwood and graduated from Amanda Elzy High School. He said he got his nickname, “Popeye,” from his grandmother because she had commented that his eyes would “bug” out.

Stanciel has worked at Clark Beverage, a distributor of Coca-Cola products, since he was 19. Over the years, he’s acquired numerous Coke products, from T-shirts and socks to drinking glasses.

In the backyard of his home on McKennedy Drive, Stanciel has four red leather booth chairs surrounding a large Coca-Cola cooler. Stanciel calls that area his relaxation spot.

Aside from his warehouse job and his cooking, Stanciel said he likes to work out and to take his pit bull, Zulu, on walks.

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