Kelvin "Hollywood" Hilton

Kelvin “Hollywood” Hilton, who is running for Leflore County District 5 supervisor, speaks to the Greenwood Voters League Wednesday night.

Kelvin “Hollywood” Hilton says he would like to “shift District 5 into a higher gear.”

A candidate for Leflore County’s District 5 supervisor seat, Hilton spoke to an audience of about 30 at the Greenwood Voters League meeting Wednesday night.  

Toris  Williams, a candidate for the state’s House District 32 position, also spoke. Both men are running as independents.

Lelavie Grayson Sr., an independent candidate for supervisor of District 2, who was also expected to speak, was not present.

Hilton recalled growing up in Leflore County and some of his early achievements, such as his time as a track star at Leflore County High School.

He said that when he began his freshman year at Mississippi Valley State University, “I did what my mom told me not to do: I had a child.”

Wanting to be a providing father, Hilton decided to start driving trucks for a living.

“I did everything I needed to do to get my license and become a professional truck driver,” he said.

Hilton still drives trucks, hauling grain. He said he’s noticed pothole-filled roads that have damaged his own vehicle and elicited complaints from residents within District 5.

Also a volunteer firefighter, Hilton said there have been instances when the firefighters couldn’t find an address because of vandalism to road signs.

If elected a supervisor, Hilton said, he’d address the district’s infrastructure problems, such as paving streets that have potholes.

Explaining his nickname, Hilton said he got it due to the numerous activities and organizations to which he belongs. Some people only know him by “Hollywood,” he said.

He said it’s “time for a shift” in District 5.

Hilton’s opponents are incumbent supervisor Robert Collins, a Democrat, and Derrick “Chitchy” Chambers, an independent.

Williams, a guest relations manager for The Alluvian,  worked as the director of Greenwood’s WIN Job Center for 25 years.

Toris Williams

Toris Williams, a candidate for state representative in House District 32, speaks to the Greenwood Voters League.

He said both of those jobs have given him insight into the needs of District 32.

For example, through his job at The Alluvian, Williams said he encounters many foreign tourists who want unique experiences in the Delta.

“We need to continue to build our tourism,” he said.

Williams would like to improve workforce development. He said employers should continue to train their employees after they’ve been hired. He also said, “Workplace culture needs to change.”

As an advocate for economic development, Williams said a push for innovation, entrepreneurship and better-paying jobs can increase Greenwood’s standard of living.

Williams was asked by a member of the audience how to ensure that tourism dollars would be distributed evenly.

“If I’m elected, it will be done fairly,” Williams responded.

He said he also supports efforts to “fully fund our education system” and to increase the safety and security for schools.

Williams’ opponents are Troy Brown Sr., an independent, and Solomon Osborne, a Democrat. Osborne was in attendance.

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