Fulton Street project

The Fulton Street project will mirror renovations done on Howard and Main streets, such as the brick crosswalk and period lighting seen here on Main Street.

Construction on a project to enhance Fulton Street is expected to begin in January.

The project, once completed, would mirror similar efforts on  Howard and Main streets downtown by adding period lighting and revamping the sidewalks and crosswalks to be made of brick, Mayor Carolyn McAdams said. Adding green space also is a possibility, she said.

The City Council voted to accept a $750,000 grant from the Mississippi Department of Transportation for the Fulton Street project in June 2016. The Howard Street and Main Street projects were also funded by grants from MDOT.

The grant is only enough to cover a portion of Fulton Street, beginning from Keesler Bridge and stretching a bit south into downtown, the mayor said.

The mayor said perhaps the city could secure more funding in 2020 to continue renovations on Fulton all the way to Rail Spike Park.

Fulton Street project

This scene of Fulton Street Friday may be renovated in January to include period lighting and brick sidewalks and crosswalks.

Though the city still has to advertise bids for contractors to do the renovation work, the mayor has recommended that construction start in January to avoid interfering with the heavy foot traffic for the holiday shopping season.

“We’re just trying to be mindful of the fact that the holiday season is when the downtown merchants receive a good amount of business,” McAdams said.

She said several businesses on Fulton Street “do not have a back-door access or side-door access,” meaning patrons can only access those businesses through the front entrances along Fulton. Since construction on sidewalks along Fulton would block the front entrances, it’s better that that work be done later, she said.

In addition, McAdams said,  pushing construction back means there would be no need to reroute the annual Roy Martin Band Festival and Christmas Parade, which takes place in early December and uses Fulton Street to cross into north Greenwood via  Keesler Bridge.

Once construction starts, the Fulton Street project should be completed within 120 days, the mayor said.

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