House fire on Green Avenue

The Greenwood Fire Department reported a fire started in the kitchen of this home at 311 Green Ave., resulting in extensive fire and smoke damage to the rear of the home and heavy smoke and water damage elsewhere.

A man and his son say they owe their lives to their pit bull after the dog alerted them Monday night that their home was on fire.

Elmo Proctor and his son, Quincy Wilkins, sat on the porch next to the house they rented at 311 Green Ave. Proctor said his dog, named AP, had pushed open a door of the room where he had kept it and started barking, awakening him as the house filled with smoke.

Proctor and Wilkins were able to get out of the house quickly.

Proctor said he looked around for the dog and couldn’t find her, so he went back inside and searched through the smoke until he could lead her to safety.

“That dog saved my life,” he said.

The Greenwood Fire Department received a report of a fire at 9:46 p.m. Eleven firefighters responded with four pieces of equipment. They pumped 1,300 gallons of water on the fire at the back of the house, using two 1¾-inch hoses.

The fire department reports that the fire was contained to the kitchen at the rear of the house and there was heavy smoke and fire damage.

Throughout the rest of the house, there was smoke and water damage, to the extent that firefighters pulled the gas meter and turned off gas and water to the house.

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