This weekend, Greenwood residents can participate in St. John’s United Methodist Church’s Chalk Your Walk event right from their driveways.

The event will take place Friday and Saturday all over Greenwood. Pryor Hackleman, a social media representative for the church, said that the idea behind it was to spread some positivity in uncertain times.

The church is encouraging people to go out to their driveways, sidewalks or streets and write out encouraging messages or Bible verses for people to enjoy on their daily commutes.

“Especially the health-care workers,” Hackleman said. “If they’re driving from their house to the hospital and they see a heart that says, ‘You got this. Jesus loves you,’ ... I think that helps.”

The idea started at a church meeting on Monday and grew from there. Originally, they wanted to go around town and write messages themselves.

“I didn’t think it would make a big enough impact with our four staff members, so I thought we could ask people to do it at their own homes,” Hackleman said.

The coronavirus has instilled fear and anxiety across the world and has restricted many people to their homes for two weeks or longer.

St. John’s has since moved its services to Facebook and Instagram to bring worship to those stuck at home. It also has a YouTube channel set up and is putting videos on its website.

“We’re now doing Zoom meetings with our youth,” she said. “It’s trial and error, but we’re still just trying to connect. We are at church even though we’re not in the building.”

The church wants people to see the good around town while still practicing safe social distancing. They suggested going for a walk around the neighborhood or taking a drive through the city.

“We’re just trying to get the word out and share it,” Hackleman said. “Everyone is still quarantined in their houses, but they can definitely grab some chalk and write a message at their homes.

“We’re trying to bring some happiness and cheer in people’s lives that are stuck at home,” she added. “If we can make somebody smile that day with a Bible verse or just knowing that God’s with them in this time.”

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