Leflore Co. High basketball teams quarantined

The Leflore County High School girls basketball played Palmer High School Tuesday. 

Both the boys and girls Leflore County High School basketball teams are in quarantine after a Tuesday exposure to the coronavirus.

The decision to isolate the teams came from the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School Board during a Friday afternoon special called meeting.

Dr. Mary Brown, the district’s superintendent, said, “A team that our students from Leflore County High School played against Tuesday” is now quarantining. “So we are quarantining our students as well,” she added.

Leflore County’s Tuesday opponent was Palmer High School in Marks. Both games were played in Itta Bena.

Clinton Gatewood, the district’s chief of athletics, said it was the girls team that was exposed to the coronavirus, but both teams will be isolated.

“We are just following protocol,” he said. “It is the right move right now.”

Gatewood said he has communicated with the opposing team’s coach and said the school is only reporting one female student who has tested positive.

Each Leflore County High School basketball player is set to be tested Monday, Gatewood said.

“We’ll probably be back between 10 to14 days,” depending on the COVID-19 test results, he said.

No other school teams in the district are affected.

Last month, the board voted 3-2 to move forward with high school winter and spring athletics, including basketball.

The board, which in August voted to not participate in fall athletics such as football, made this decision after an approximately 30-minute debate.

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