A Greenwood man who has been hospitalized after being beaten with a baseball bat over the weekend has been declared brain-dead, according to a family member.

Deputy Police Chief Marvin Hammond said police received a call about an altercation at 8:25 p.m. Saturday happening at the corner of Main and McGehee streets.

Labrandon Baugh, 29, was  beaten by a man after the two got into an altercation, according to Hammond. Because of the severity of his injuries, Baugh was immediately transferred to a hospital in Jackson.

Hammond said the police have a suspect in the assault — a 45-year-old Greenwood man who remained behind bars at the Leflore County Jail as of Monday but had not been charged.

The suspect, who is being held for investigation, may be charged with aggravated assault, though the charge could be upgraded to murder if Baugh dies.

The deputy chief could not provide any motivation for the crime or other details, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Baugh’s sister, Arielle Hudson, said Monday afternoon that Baugh had been declared brain-dead and would  most likely be pulled off life support sometime Tuesday morning.

She found out about the incident from her father.

Hudson said she was also told around 50 witnesses saw  the beating but no one has come forward to the police with information.

Hammond said a large crowd of people showed up to the scene after police arrived. He couldn’t say if there was a large crowd before that.

Hudson urged anyone with knowledge of the attack to tell the police.

“It’s just very devastating, and it’s really hard no one will come forward and speak about this,” she said.

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With all the craziness going on in the world!! WHY


Amen! 🙏🙏🙏

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