Sam Henry Farmer

Greenwood’s Sam Henry Farmer, left, stands with his roommate and business partner in Fat Music Productions, Blaine Tierney of Jackson. The two Ole Miss students are doing all they can to pave their own way in the world.

Sam Henry Farmer was filled with the entrepreneurial sprit from an early age.

The University of Mississippi student from Greenwood started two small businesses while in college.

“I went out to Colorado to work all summer a couple of years ago and came back with a wad of cash,” said Farmer, who is on track to graduate from Ole Miss next May with a degree in civil engineering, with a minor in math and, of course, entrepreneurship. “My buddy Blaine (Tierney of Jackson) and I decided to take our money and do something smart with it.”

Since both students have a passion for music, they came up with the idea for Fat Music Productions — a booking and management agency specializing in finding the best artists out there and putting them in a position to succeed.

They started out handling all of the bookings for Ole Miss fraternities and sororities.

“We came up with the idea after a few cocktails, and it still sounded like a good idea the next day, so we ran with it,” Farmer said.

And run with it they did. Fat Music Productions has done $1.5 million in business since 2017, he said.  

“Things have gone well the first few years. It’s a lot to keep up with at times, but it’s never dull. And we get to be around great music,” said the 22-year-old 2016 Pillow Academy graduate. “We book tours, venues, festivals and private events while working closely with the artists — building up and accelerating their careers.”

Things have gone well enough in the booking business for these two good friends that Trey Myers from Turnipblood Entertainment, a bigger rival business, drove to Oxford to meet with them and wound up buying 20% of Fat Music.

Farmer has also helped start a small moving business in Oxford to assist students moving in or out and provide some storage help.

He no doubt picks up some of that entrepreneurship from his father, Stephen Farmer, a Greenwood businessman.    

Farmer has made a strong impression on his uncle, Don Brock Jr., a Greenwood attorney.

“Sam Henry has always been a ‘yes sir, no sir’ young man. Unlike a lot of college-age kids, he has always engaged with adults and looked them in their eyes,” Brock said. “He did that even in high school. He just has an engaging personality.”

Even though he has strong interest in civil engineering, Farmer said he might one day become a lawyer, just like his uncle and his late grandfather, Donnie Brock.  Before he lost his grandfather suddenly at the end of 2019, Farmer said the two talked about his going to law school one day.

“I better start studying for the (Law School Admissions Test) pretty soon because I want to go to law school after I graduate from Ole Miss,” he said.

His uncle would love to see Farmer maybe help out the family law firm one day, but no matter what happens, Don Brock said with his “focus and people skills, I have no doubt that Sam Henry can achieve anything in life he sets his sights on.”

But before he can look too far into the future, Farmer is prepping for a summer internship with Kiewit Construction based in Omaha, Nebraska. Privately held, it is one of the largest construction and engineering organizations in North America.

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