Magnolia Thomas’ terrible grief could be heard on porches and in yards, on the sidewalk and inside cars on Henderson Street at midday Saturday. 

Magnolia Thomas’ terrible grief could be heard on porches and in yards, on the sidewalk and inside cars on Henderson Street at midday Saturday.

“That’s his momma. That’s her doing all that hollering and screaming,” said Gregory Haslett, an uncle of Eric Haslett, who was shot to death, apparently in his mother’s front yard at 1119 Henderson. He was taken by ambulance to Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

At that point, the family still thought Eric was being transferred from Greenwood Leflore to a Jackson hospital, but he already had died.

Leflore County Coroner Debra Sanders said Eric was pronounced dead, from multiple gunshot wounds, at the hospital at 11:59 a.m. An autopsy has been ordered. He lived at Terrace Garden Apartments, she said.

The death is the sixth homicide in Leflore County this year.

Gregory said his nephew was 38 and self-employed and he resided with the mother of one of his children. “One of them is a baby, about 2 months old.” Eric attended school in Lexington.

Shooting at Crestview Homes

Emergency medical personnel wheel Eric Haslett on a stretcher from the scene where he was shot Saturday morning on Henderson Street. Haslett was pronounced dead shortly later at Greenwood Leflore Hospital from his wounds.

Gregory heard gunfire, sometime after 11 a.m. He was making coffee at his house across Henderson, at the intersection with Gordon Street. “I heard about 14 shots, that’s all I can tell you,” Gregory said. He didn’t know what kind of guns were used. He went to the front door and looked out. He saw Eric in the yard on the ground and men with a black car, probably a Dodge Challenger. Gregory said he understood there might have been two cars, but he only saw the one. He ran over to his nephew.

Eric had been shot in the center of his back, Gregory said, “I stayed right there by him,” Gregory said, until police and ambulances arrived.

Family members gathered with Gregory on the porch of his residence. When another uncle, Fredrick Haslett, stumbled toward them, wailing, they thought Eric had passed away but were being told differently. It turned out that Fredrick had heard the truth. “Lord, lord, give me the strength to stay strong,” Fredrick cried.

The Greenwood Police Department is investigating the shooting but no information from the police was immediately available.

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Shooting at Crestview Homes

Police cars and ambulances converge on the scene of Saturday morning’s homicide at Crestview Homes.

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Lord have mercy!


Praying for the family the young man that was killed yesterday.I'm so sorry.

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