C Spire representatives are scheduled to speak with Greenwood officials next month about offering internet and TV service in the city, says Mayor Carolyn McAdams.

McAdams said she has been talking to C Spire for more than a year about having the technology company install fiber-optic cables in town in order to provide high-speed internet and TV streaming services.

Representatives from C Spire are scheduled to appear at the City Council’s March 2 meeting, the mayor said.

McAdams said she was told by Anita Clarke of C Spire that the installation of fiber-optic cables would first begin in areas of town where there is a high demand.

Residents would indicate their interest in receiving fiber internet and TV streaming services from C Spire by signing up on a website. More details should be provided during the council meeting, the mayor said.

McAdams said residents who have questions for C Spire may pass them along to their City Council members, who can raise those issues in March.

Clarke could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

As with Suddenlink, a telecommunications company that provides cable TV and internet service, the city of Greenwood now has a franchise agreement with C Spire that allows C Spire to use the city’s right of way to install and operate its system.

In return, the city will receive 5% of C Spire’s gross revenue from its customer base in Greenwood each quarter.

The mayor said her main goal in working with C Spire was to offer another TV and internet service provider for residents.

Suddenlink customers in Greenwood last month temporarily lost access to various channels owned by the Cox Media Group after the two companies failed to reach a deal on fees paid to Cox.

Suddenlink customers in the Greenwood market and other affected markets regained their dropped channels owned by Cox last week after Suddenlink and Cox reached a deal.

“I know that the people have been unhappy with Suddenlink,” McAdams said

The city has also sent a letter to various Suddenlink officials last month alerting the company that it allegedly broke various clauses in its franchise agreement with Greenwood.

McAdams said Wednesday that the city had not heard back from Suddenlink about that letter or about the possibility of Greenwood Suddenlink customers getting credit back after having paid bills for channels they previously could not access.

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Old Buffalo

Everyone please go to the C-Spire website and sign up for their "Fiber To The Home" service. Here is the web address: https://www.cspire.com/home-services/ The more people we have sign up now the faster they will provide the service.

PA game attender

Please sign up - great service from a regional company with a large MS presence.


We have CSpire in Inverness and it’s great. It’s also cheaper than what people have commented they are paying for Suddenlink. Great customer service.

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