The Greenwood School District has officially partnered with the Leflore County School District to maximize tutoring services for  both districts’ third grade students before the state’s reading test is given for the final time.

The Greenwood School Board approved a memorandum of understanding between the districts Thursday.

The city district will “provide tutoring support for 50 third grade students in the Leflore County School District,” Dr. Jennifer Wilson, superintendent of the Greenwood district, told the board.

That’s in addition to third grade students of Greenwood schools that still need to retake the third grade reading test.

Tutoring services began earlier this month at Davis and Bankston elementary schools. The county district has been providing transportation for its students to the those schools for tutoring.

The tutoring is specifically for the third grade reading test. A third grade student must pass the reading test to advance to fourth grade.

In the county schools, 41.4% of third graders need to take the reading test a third  time; in the city district, the percentage is 38.9%.

Samantha Milton, president of the Greenwood School Board, approached Wilson about suggesting that the city district partner with the county district to maximize tutoring services.

Both Greenwood and Leflore County school teachers are providing instruction.

During the city board meeting, members also approved the district’s local plan update for the Greenwood Career and Technical Center.  

The local plan update details “federal monies available for vocational usage, state monies available for adult education, and district monies used to fund vocational programs in the Greenwood Public School District,” Wilson said.

“One major change — the district is requesting a conversion of a program.”

Both Greenwood and Leflore County have health sciences programs.

For this local plan update, Wilson asked the board to change one health science program to sports medicine.

The change in the local plan update will apply to the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District, Wilson said. She said she was told by officials from the Mississippi Department of Education that it’s the Greenwood school board that has to approve the local plan update.

By July 1, the day the Greenwood and county school districts consolidate, the county and city school local plan updates will be merged into one local plan update for the consolidated school district’s application, Wilson said.

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