2 arrested after chase

First responders from Pafford Emergency Medical Services and the Greenwood Police Department stand over two men along the 400 block of Sgt. Charlie Cooley Avenue. The two men, along with a third who fled the scene by foot, are alleged to have beaten and stolen about $116 from another man. The three suspects fled, but the driver of their car lost control and flipped upside down in front of a house along Sgt. Charlie Cooley Avenue.

A high-speed car chase through a residential part of Greenwood Sunday afternoon resulted in two damaged cars and the arrests of two men.

Around 3:30 p.m., a Buick was seen racing down Sgt. Charlie Cooley Avenue.

When the Buick sped past the small incline in the street created by the crossing of Rail Spike Park Trail, it caused the car to fly in the air for a few seconds.

The Buick landed back on the street and bounced unevenly several times, causing the driver to lose control. It then skidded through one residential front yard along the 400 block of Sgt. Charlie Cooley, taking out several bushes, before it flipped over and hit a Toyota parked in front of a neighboring house, smashing the back of the parked car.

Several Greenwood Police Department vehicles were following the Buick.

Three men exited the upside- down Buick to try to escape.  Police apprehended two of them and stood over them until a Pafford ambulance arrived.

Other police officers ran down Montjoy Street to attempt to capture the third man, who had fled  on foot.

The three men are alleged to have beaten and robbed a victim of $116 along the 200 block of West Henry Street, according to a prepared statement released by the police Monday. All three subjects are from Chicago.

While police officers stood over the two male subjects lying on the ground, two other men approached and accused the two subjects of robbing them. A Pafford ambulance soon arrived to take the injured men to Greenwood Leflore Hospital. One was put on a stretcher; another was put in a neck brace. They were released from the hospital and booked at the Leflore County Jail, Police Chief Jody Bradley said.

They had not been charged as of Monday afternoon.

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