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A 20-second video clip uploaded and shared on Facebook shows a district resource officer grabbing a student and swinging her in an apparent choke hold before letting her go.

Officials with the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District are being pressured to take action against a resource officer following his altercation with a female student at a high school football game.

The incident Friday night was filmed and has been circulating on social media.

The district’s board met behind closed doors for more than an hour Tuesday to discuss the “job performance” of an unnamed employee. The board took no action.

It was not known whether the employee being discussed was the resource officer.

A 20-second clip of the incident, uploaded and shared on Facebook, shows the resource officer in a black shirt grabbing a female in a white top and swinging her in what appears to be a choke hold before letting her go. In other videos also circulating, he appears, prior to grabbing the student, to be breaking up an altercation between her and another female.

The incident occurred outside of Greenwood High School’s football stadium after Amanda Elzy High and Leflore High played there Friday night.

The Leflore County Young Democrats, a political advocacy group, issued a statement requesting that Dr. Mary Brown, the superintendent, “take actions to reprimand” the officer.

Brown offered the following statement Tuesday:

“The district is aware of the incident which occurred at the Leflore County and Amanda Elzy high schools’ football game. At this time, we are conducting an investigation regarding this matter, to include what occurred before, during, and after this incident. The incident involved a district employee and a student. At this time, the district will continue its investigation and a determination will be made after all information has been gathered.”

Brown did not name the resource officer or student or say what school the student attends.

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