Get your coats and hats ready;  winter is coming.

On Thursday, a cold front swept through Mississippi, prompting the Jackson bureau of the National Weather Service to issue a freeze watch for late Friday night until early Saturday morning for parts of the state, including Greenwood.

Residents in Greenwood may deal with temperatures as low as 28 degrees, said Janae Elkins, a meteorologist at the Jackson bureau of the National Weather Service.

“The front brought in good, cold air,” Elkins said, adding that Greenwood may experience wide areas of patchy frost.

Elkins said a second cold front is expected to move through a portion of the state, including Greenwood, sometime between midday and evening Monday. That will mean lower temperatures next week, Elkins said.

However, since the forecast for the second cold front was made Thursday afternoon, Elkins said it was still too early for the National Weather Service to issue any announcements.

Aside from bundling up, precautions should also be taken for caring for the inside of the home.

Because of the increased usage of heating when the temperature drops, there’s more risk of a house fire in the winter. Greenwood Assistant Fire Chief John Lewis provided some safety tips for reducing that risk.

To start, homeowners can check to make sure their furnaces are clean so that when they are on, they aren’t burning any residue.

If a fireplace is being used, Lewis said to use a protective screen to prevent any embers from entering the home. Additionally, Lewis said not to have objects close to heaters.

Frozen pipes are another  potential concern, since they can burst and cause flooding.

Greenwood plumber Tony Westerfield said wrapping pipes with insulation can help prevent water from freezing inside.

Letting a faucet drip can help prevent frozen pipes since it allows water to continually move through the pipes. Leaving a heater on can help, too, Westerfield said.

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