A Greenwood man accused of firing shots into an occupied vehicle last month  before fleeing to Michigan has been charged and jailed.

John Fleming III, 19, 922 Fulton St., was charged with five counts of attempted aggravated assault Wednesday.  

Greenwood Police Chief Ray Moore said that on June 11, Fleming was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Latrans Fleming, a relative of his. Moore said the two men were planning to shoot another person.

They spotted a vehicle on the 200 block of Avenue H that they believed contained their target, and John Fleming III shot at the vehicle multiple times, Moore said.

The vehicle did not contain the Flemings’ target, however, but instead a woman and five children, Moore said.

“Through the grace of God, nobody was hit,” he said. “There were numerous bullet holes in the vehicle.”

Latrans Fleming was apprehended by police that night and charged with five counts of attempted aggravated assault, Moore said. He’s since been released from the Leflore County Jail.

John Fleming III evaded officers and eventually wound up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the first week of July, he was arrested by that city’s police on an unrelated charge. When his name was put through the National Crime Information Center, a criminal database maintained by the FBI, Grand Rapids police found he was wanted for five counts of attempted aggravated assault in Greenwood.

Moore said the Grand Rapids police contacted him to say they had Fleming in custody.

Greenwood police had Fleming extradited back to Mississippi. As of Wednesday evening, he was still in the Leflore County Jail.

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