It’s official: Greenwood children will be allowed to celebrate Halloween this year, with some limitations designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Greenwood City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to allow only trick-or-treaters 10 or younger to go from household to household collecting candy.

Trick-or-treating will be allowed only from 5 to 7 p.m., and each child must remain in his or her ward. Furthermore, children must be accompanied by parents or adult guardians and can request candy only at houses where the porch lights are on.

Finally, trick-or-treaters and their parents or adult guardians will be required to wear facial coverings in accordance with the city’s mask mandate.

Prior to the council’s vote, Mayor Carolyn McAdams said the cities of Winona and Cleveland had canceled household-to-household trick-or-treating.

The mayor also said that churches throughout town are still planning to hold “trunk or treat” events for kids and added that she isn’t sure how well the limitations will be monitored.

However, she concluded, “We’re having everything else; we had the (Viking Half Marathon and 5K) race, so why not have Halloween?”

Ward 2’s Lisa Cookston said she’s in favor of a Halloween with restrictions but added that parents must protect those in their homes who have a higher chance of getting severely ill from the coronavirus after the children return from trick-or-treating.

Though children often don’t get ill from the coronavirus, epidemiologists believe that children can be asymptomatic carriers of the virus and unwittingly infect others.

Police Chief Jody Bradley said his department will have extra patrols out on the Saturday Halloween is celebrated. He said police officers will remind parents that they need to stick to their neighborhoods.

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