Library roof leaking

The second floor ceiling of the West Washington Street location of the Greenwood-Leflore Public Library has water stains due to a leaking roof.

The city of Greenwood may change its ordinance on how it handles the removal of junked vehicles on residential property.

Don Brock, the city’s attorney, told the City Council during its Tuesday meeting that he is working with Betty Stigler, a code enforcement officer, on a modification of the ordinance. He said a resolution with that change should be presented during a council meeting in October.

The city’s ordinance mandates that junked vehicles  — defined as those that are wrecked, dismantled or inoperative — that are on residential property be stored behind opaque fencing so they cannot be seen from a right of way. Homeowners are allowed to have two junked vehicles on their properties as long as they’re hidden from public view.

Residents who don’t comply can be given a notice by the city alerting them that they have seven days to comply; otherwise they can be fined and have their vehicles towed by the city at their expense.

Under the current ordinance, a resident can request a hearing before the council within five days of receiving a notice. The council can then determine whether the vehicle needs to be towed.

Under a soon-to-be-proposed resolution, rather than the city handling a hearing, the hearing would go straight to the municipal judge, who would make a ruling, Brock said. This would streamline the process, he said.

In other business:

• The council discussed ways to prevent thefts of city garbage cans from residential rental properties managed by the Greenwood Housing Authority.

Susan Bailey, public works director, reported that within the last three to four weeks, four new tenants residing at properties owned by the Greenwood Housing Authority have said that they have no garbage cans.

The cans are owned by the city and belonged to a fixed address. If a garbage can is missing  and the city can’t locate it, then a tenant must buy a new can for $48.50.

The council had planned to vote during its Tuesday meeting on a resolution that would request that the Greenwood Housing Authority alert the city about tenants leaving in order to make sure garbage cans aren’t missing.

However, after Ward 4 Councilman Charles McCoy proposed that Greenwood Housing Authority tenants pay a security deposit on city garbage cans that they would get back if the cans were still there after they moved, the council did not vote on the resolution, opting to brainstorm for other ideas on how to prevent the thefts of garbage cans.

• The council accepted a $46,000 bid from Williams Construction Co. to repair the old fire station building on East Claiborne Avenue, which is used as a voting precinct during elections.

According to Mayor Carolyn McAdams, the building’s roof is leaking, and the plaster is falling in. The city and county will split the cost of repairs evenly, according to a resolution. The mayor said she’d like the building repaired before the Nov. 3 general election.

• Naomi Jones, the interim director of the Greenwood-Leflore Public Library, asked the council if it would split costs with the county to buy a new roof for the library on West Washington Street.

According to Jones, the primary roof leak is near the library’s elevator shaft, meaning the leak travels down to the first floor. Though water has poured inside the building, Jones said no books have been damaged. The roof had been installed 20 years ago, she said.

Jones approached the Leflore County Board of Supervisors last week to request money for repairs. She had said that the library had received a $40,000 bid from Dixie Roofing. The board had approved a motion for the library to search for more bids to seek the city’s approval for half of the repairs’ expense.

Jones told the council that the library is still accepting bids and that she’ll report to the supervisors’ meeting next week, when they are to select a bid. The council took no action and told Jones to inform them of when a bid has been selected.

• The council met with Police Chief Jody Bradley behind closed doors to discuss crime in the city. No action was taken.

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