Dr. Mary Brown

Dr. Mary Brown, the superintendent of the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District, holds up her newest book, “Ordained to Suffer: Running from the Bulls,” which is part one of a three-part memoir series.

Dr. Mary Brown, superintendent of the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District, has written the first book of a three-part memoir series.

“Ordained to Suffer: Running from the Bulls” begins with early memories of her childhood and proceeeds through the start of her young adult years as a new college graduate.

“In it, I share a lot of the joys and pains I’ve experienced in life. I also share how I have dealt with a lot of the challenges I have faced,” she said.

Brown said she hoped the book would serve as a vessel to share her story with future generations.

“I wrote this book as a keepsake for my future grandchildren. I want to offer them a piece of my life,” she said. “I didn’t want them to have to rely on anyone or anything to tell them about me or my experiences. I wrote this book to give them the details regarding my life experiences.”

She said the reception from those who have read the book has been incredible.

“For many, the book touched every emotion they had,” she said.

“They cried, laughed, felt sad and even got mad about the experiences I shared. I was glad to hear this, because my intentions were to connect with my readers.”

This is not Brown’s first book.

She also wrote a collection of poetry titled “Worth my Words” and “Dark Emotions: The Mental Cost of Caring About Black Men,” which features essays, reflections and poetry about race relations and oppression.

“After seeing a lot of the rioting going on, I want to offer a platform for individuals to express their feelings,” she said.

She said many people from all over the South sent in pieces for the book, including mothers who had lost their children to gun violence as well as a personal essay from her son about being racially profiled.

She said she learned a lot about herself writing her newest work. She said reflecting on one’s own experiences for a book is hard work, but the pride generated by the finished product makes it worth it.

“I learned that I am stronger than I even realize,” she said. “I learned that life has handed me a whole lot of challenges, but because I choose to follow God, He has given me the grace and protection to get through it. I am an overcomer.”

The book is available on Amazon, and the second installment will be available soon.

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