A Greenwood woman has been charged with firing a weapon while at the Sonic Drive-in Thursday night.

Nicole Nyree Hawkins, 34, 710 Elm St., was charged with discharging a firearm within the city limits and released on bond.

Greenwood police were notified about the incident around 9 p.m., Chief Jody Bradley said by email. There were no known injuries.

The motive was unclear, the chief said.

A witness at the scene, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, was at Sonic and parked in one of the food stalls during the time of the shooting.

The witness said she heard one gunshot fired. Then she looked over her shoulder and saw a woman trying to unjam a gun.  The woman then pointed it at another car occupied by a man and fired again, hitting the car.

“There was no words said or nothing,” the witness said. “It was odd.”

The two drove away. “She left like nothing had ever happened,” the witness said.

The witness gave police the license plate number of the woman’s white SUV. She said she learned minutes later from police that a suspect was arrested at the drive-through at the Scott Petroleum station along U.S. 82 and Claiborne Avenue.

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Just curious, what is the bond for committing such a dangerous and foolhardy act?


Bond only 150. Sad

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