It rained cats and dogs on the Year of the Pig on Saturday as the 13th annual Que on the Yazoo festival was reduced to a few early events and the cooking competition.

The part of the barbecue festival that appealed to people who wanted to eat a funnel cake, drink lemonade and stroll among the crafts tents while listening to live music was basically canceled, with some of the music moved to Station 222 for brunch.

No one could answer on Friday why a large, expensive pontoon boat had been left parked along Main Street in the middle of the festival, but it looked to be in the right place by Saturday afternoon as water poured from the sky.

The Pet Pawrade and the Beer Run were completed before the rain started, although with limited participation. Justin Carpenter and Shaya Longie placed first and second in the run-drink-run competition.

The judging for the barbecue competition took place inside the Viking Training Center. Folks who still came downtown in the downpour ducked indoors to take part in the People’s Choice competition or buy a Bloody Mary with accoutrements that included everything from celery to shrimp and bacon.

And although Saturday was mostly a rainout, Friday night drew a good crowd downtown for food, beer and music that came off as planned before the skies opened up.

“Everybody rolls with the cooking aspect of things,” said Brantley Snipes, executive director of Main Street Greenwood and organizer of the festival. “But the rain kind of sucks because it impacts the public’s participation more than anything.”

Winners of the Memphis Barbecue Network-sanctioned cooking competition were announced as the event closed for the year. In the professional division, winners were SmokeMasters in the whole hog category, Fireman John’s BBQ in pulled pork, and Heath Riles BBQ in ribs. Heath Riles BBQ was the Grand Champion.

In the patio division, winners were Rolling Bones in pork loin, New Pigs on the Block in pulled pork, Boom Schockalocka in ribs. Rolling Bones was named the Patio Grand Champion.

In the ancillary competition, winners were Boom Schockalocka in sauce, Rolling Bones in beans, New Pigs on the Block #2 in cocktail, Boom Schockalocka in catfish, and Bare Butt BBQ in chicken.

Despite the effects of the weather, the  event won’t be hampered next year. “Thanks to the support of our sponsors, I think we’ll still make money from the weekend,” Snipes said. “We’ll have a little bit of a hurt because we didn’t have as many other fun activities for people to do. It kind of hampers the spirit, but it doesn’t stop the party.”

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