Lavoris Weathers


A Greenwood man who developed a plan to curb gun violence is hoping local leaders will adopt and implement it.

Lavoris Weathers created “Operation Peace Treaty,” a nine-prong plan developed in response to the wave of gun violence that occurred last month.

Three men were killed in three separate shootings that occurred either in Greenwood or just beyond the city limits. Other shootings injured eight people.

Weathers’ plan calls for Greenwood and Leflore County leaders and ministers to seek a peace treaty. He would like the city and county to join together to impose a six-month ban on carrying firearms and to address the pipeline by which youth are getting weapons.

Operation Peace Treaty also calls for an eight-week program in which leaders and residents from the community will visit a neighborhood to throw a barbecue or fish fry to show the kids that there are people who care for them. Recreational activities would also be provided.

The following areas would be visited for a week:

• Williams Landing apartments, off Browning Road.

• Brazil Homes, off Luther Drive.

• Bishop Apartments complex on Clay Street.

• The Gibbs and Palace streets neighborhood.

• Broad Street neighborhood.

• Snowden-Jones apartment complex, off Main Street.

• Baptist Town.

• Terrace Gardens apartments, off Aven Avenue.

The treaty would also ask local gangs to stop fighting each other and ask parents and other victims of gun violence to voice their concerns.

The issue of gun violence, a pressing problem for years, has gotten to the point where everyone keeps his or her head on a swivel, Weathers said. Many fear where the next shooting may occur, and parents fear for their children’s safety whenever they go outside, Weathers explained.

Kids often search for attention and guidance from other people, Weathers said. In some cases they end up receiving the wrong kind of attention, which can pull them down the wrong path, he said.

Should his program be implemented, Weathers said, youth would have meaningful recreational activities and know that people in the community care. “It’s going to take love from the community, all of the community,” he said.

He said he was contacted by Greenwood Mayor Carolyn McAdams, who shared his plan during a recent meeting with local pastors and residents.

Weathers said he hadn’t  heard from any county officials as of Monday afternoon.

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