Greenwood City Councilman David Jordan says he withdrew his qualifying papers to run for reelection in Ward 6 so that someone else could have a chance to represent the ward.

However, he withdrew just before the 5 p.m. Friday deadline, meaning those who may have known about his plans and wanted to run had very little time to submit their qualifying papers.

Jordan’s withdrawal means that Dorothy Glenn, the only other candidate to have qualified, is unopposed.

Glenn, 63, also a Democrat, represented Ward 5 on the council from 2013 until November 2014, when the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that she was not a resident of Ward 5 and forced her off.

Robert Sims, the chairman of the Leflore County Democratic Executive Committee, said he could not recall when Jordan withdrew his candidacy Friday but said it was probably around 3:30 or 4 p.m.

Jordan, who’s also a state senator, also could not recall the exact time but said it may have been around 4:30 or just before 5 p.m.

He had submitted his qualifying papers to run for reelection to City Hall Jan. 22, according to a copy of his qualifying statement of intent.

Jordan, 87, said he doesn’t see any problem with pulling out of the race just before the deadline: “I still have that right to withdraw at the time I wish to.”

He said he had told some people of his decision but “didn’t shout it from the hilltop.”

“I just decided that I didn’t want to run again, and I withdrew my name,” he said.

Jordan also disputed any perception that he waited to withdraw in order to hand off his seat to Glenn. He said he did not speak with her in advance about his decision.

“That’s kind of laughable to me,” he said. “I don’t care what some people think. Who cares?”

Jordan said he’s faced opponents throughout his 36 years representing Ward 6, and “if people wanted to run, they could’ve qualified to run against David Jordan.”

Jordan, who had Glenn as one of his students when he taught science at W.C. Williams Elementary School, said he believes she will be a good council member because she works hard for the community.

Glenn could not be reached for comment by phone or email Tuesday. She submitted her qualifying papers Jan. 26, according to a copy of her qualifying statement of intent.

Council members have an annual salary of $16,500.

Party primaries for the municipal election will be held April 6, and the general election is June 8.

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d taylor

This is a perfect example how government and its politicians, operate using deceptive methods/practices/means . Of course if the government was truly concerned about representing the people is is supposed to serve truthfully. The government would acknowledge this deceptive attempt of a politician to control the vacant position being left. Being concerned that the people of this ward, is not being given, a proper and honest chance at choosing their representation in their city government. The government, would "regardless of rules", thwart this dishonest attempt by a politician. To control the filling of the city seat by offering up a 4, 5 or 6 days of giving a person who would like to run for this position, that opportunity to do just that. File to run for this position but of course as the dishonest monster government is. It (government) will not do this and will be able to live proudly with itself and its dishonest methods of governing.


If a resident of Ward 6 wanted to challenge Mr. Jordan, why didn't they submit the required paperwork prior to the deadline? It seems Ms. Glen did just that.


If Jordon had call and told me I would have put my name in like she did.

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