Leflore County Supervisor Anjuan Brown has been named vice president of the North Central Planning and Development District.

Anjuan Brown


North Central, which is based in Winona, is composed of county officials and other leaders. It aims to boost local businesses and communities throughout Leflore and six other neighboring counties.

The NCPDD has several departments, including a Medicaid waiver and workforce investment division. There are 35 members — five from each county.

Brown, who represents Leflore County’s District 3, was voted to the vice presidency by North Central last week.

“It means a lot to me,” Brown said Tuesday.

After two years as vice president, he will automatically move up to be president and serve for the following two years.

“This gives me another opportunity to learn more and take what I can back to Leflore County,” he said.

Brown said an important service the organization provides is financial support through business loans.

The more-than-50-year-old group has helped those throughout Leflore, Holmes, Grenada, Carroll and other counties, and Brown said he hopes to continue to support these communities.

“I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and being an asset and resource to those in the community,” he said. “I also hope that I can get the group more involved on a state level.”

Steve Russell, the executive director of North Central, said he is excited to see Brown take up this position.

“Anjuan Brown has always been a good supporter of our agency,” Russell said. “He has always been good to work with.”

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