Narvell Echols

Greenwood-based singer Narvell Echols said he’s happy that two of his songs are recognized by a records chart for Southern soul and R&B music.

After a two-decade career in music, Greenwood-based singer-songwriter Narvell Echols is continuing to receive accolades for his work.

Southern Soul RnB, a record chart for Southern soul and rhythm-and-blues music, recently listed two of Echols’ songs as finalists for various honors.

“I’m flattered and in a lot of ways very happy and happy to have my music out there,” Echols said. “My name is up there with the big boys.”

Echols’ song “Country Folks Party” is a finalist for the Best Club Song category. His other hit, “Pour Me a Drank,” is a finalist for the Best Male Vocalist and Best Chitlin’ Circuit Blues Song categories and was also ranked fifth in a list for the top 25 Southern soul songs of 2020.

Both songs are featured on Echols’ second album, “Return of the Country Boy,” which was released in December 2019.

“A lot of people in the industry pay attention to these particular charts that I’m on,” he said.

Echols said that following the release of his second album, his music began to gain traction as radio stations across the country, from Chicago to Jacksonville, Florida, began to play them.

Echols, 45, had various gigs and performances lined up until the COVID-19 pandemic halted his momentum. He’s since gotten the chance to perform live on several occasions, though he noted that performing during a pandemic is different.

Still, he said he’s grateful for the support he continues to receive.

“The support has been tremendous from my local area. It’s beautiful to know that my music is traveling, going to places I’d never imagine,” he said. “My music, it’s spreading now. I’m tremendously happy that things are going that way, and I’m hoping to build on this and make more things happen and hopefully turn my name into a household name as far as Southern soul is concerned.”

Originally from Philipp, Echols grew up driving tractors and operating other machinery while working on a farm.

“I’m a true Mississippi Delta country boy,” he said.

He now works for himself transporting goods as a truck driver when he’s not working on music.

Echols said that when it comes to his songs, he tries to write ones “that we all can basically relate to.”

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