An 18-year-old Greenwood man was killed Wednesday morning when multiple gunshots were fired into an apartment in the Browning Community.

Juwan Smith was pronounced dead from two gunshot wounds suffered while inside his sister’s apartment at Williams Landing, 2900 Browning Road, Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks said.

The method of Smith’s death mirrors an incident from last summer in which Smith allegedly shot into an occupied car and building. He was arrested and charged in the incident.

The Sheriff’s Department received a call at 2:50 a.m. from Juwan’s sister, Ashley Smith, about multiple shots being fired through walls and windows of her apartment.

Juwan Smith was inside when the shots were fired and was hit twice.

MedStat transported the man to Greenwood Leflore Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.  

“We do have some suspects, but we haven’t had time to prowl them yet,” Banks said. He would not say if deputies had found any weapons or shell casings at the crime scene.

“I think he was possibly targeted,” Banks said, declining to elaborate. “It’s just the way that the crime happened.”

Ashley Smith’s apartment was the only unit shot at the complex.

Smith, a 2018 graduate of Greenwood High School, was remembered warmly on Facebook, where he went by the name “Jimmy Glo.”

Marcellus Gray, a barber who works out of his home on McLaurin Street, had known Smith for a while.

“I grew up around his mom. I used to cut his hair when he was a little boy,” Gray said.

Smith had been charged by the Greenwood Police Department in July, 2018 with five counts of attempted murder, shooting into an occupied building, aggravated assault, and shooting into a motor vehicle. Police said Smith had not yet been to trial on the charges.

Smith’s death marks the fourth homicide in the county in 2019, all of them by gunshots. Three of the four occurred within Greenwood city limits.

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