The decision to transfer some of the new Greenwood police chief’s duties to an executive administrator was made to allow the chief to focus on public safety, according to Mayor Carolyn McAdams.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to appoint Capt. Terrence Craft as the chief of police. The former chief, Jody Bradley, has been named executive administrator, a newly created position in the department.

Bradley will report to Craft, and Craft will report to the mayor.

Each man will have a $60,000 salary, McAdams said. Craft had been making around $43,000 as a captain, the mayor said.

Bradley, while serving as police chief but lacking a law enforcement certification, was paid $65,000 a year. He received a higher salary than Craft as a chief because of Bradley’s years of experience working in corrections, McAdams said.

She added that Craft, who has been with the department for 17 years, will have an opportunity to increase his salary as a chief if he fulfills certain requirements.

The fact that Bradley, 72, was not a certified police officer when the City Council appointed him in late 2019 had been controversial.

Valuing Bradley’s management and work experience, McAdams had wanted to retain him within the department in some capacity, even if he didn’t become a certified officer. She said the department needed a manager.

Mississippi law requires that any officer — regardless of rank — be certified within one year of his or her hire date.

The mayor defended her decision to transfer duties from the police chief to an executive administrator, saying that in other cities mayors can have city managers. She compared the role of executive administrator to that of the city’s chief administrative officer, who is Cynthia Stanciel.

As an executive administrator and working under the supervision of Craft, Bradley will oversee the department’s budget and accreditation, order equipment, provide press releases and work on relaunching the department’s Facebook page, McAdams said.

However, the mayor emphasized that he “will not have anything to do with the public safety of the citizens of Greenwood” and “is no longer in the Police Department as far as policing goes.” While chief, Bradley could give police orders.

McAdams said the combination of public safety duties along with administrative responsibilities was too much for anyone to handle. “I’ve been harping about having a manager and chief for years and years,” she said.

The mayor said she was optimistic about the move and expects the Police Department to be in better shape within a year.

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This sounds like a waste of taxpayer's money. Bradley reports to the Chief and makes the same money. Chief Craft makes $5,000 less than what Bradley was making after 17 years of service.

Bradley couldn't pass a fitness test. This is purely a case of friends helping friends at the expense of the taxpayers.

d taylor

What a waste of $60,000, just a fine example of why government deserves the sorry reputation it has with many.

(Edited by staff.)

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