The Greenwood Police Department has charged two men in connection with a drive-by shooting on Elm Street July 28.  

Kadeaderick C. Hunt, 19, 100 Ware St., Sidon, was charged Thursday with eight counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling July 28.

He was denied bond because he was out on bonds related to three other felony charges.  

The other man, Jakevian McCaster, 18, of the 1200 block of West Jefferson Avenue was charged the day after the shooting with eight counts of drive-by shooting. He was released July 30 on $40,000 bond.

Police Chief Ray Moore said Hunt is accused of firing several shots into a house on Elm, which was occupied by eight people: three adults and five toddlers ages 1 to 3. No one was hit by gunfire.   

A red vehicle was seen speeding away from the street after the shooting. Officers were able to collect several spent shell casings, Moore said.

The owner of the vehicle later reported to the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department that the vehicle had been shot. The owner also said that McCaster had been driving the vehicle last.

While officers searched the vehicle, the owner called McCaster so he could speak with the officers, Moore said. During the search, a spent shell casing was found in the vehicle.

Moore declined to say if the spent shell casing found in the red vehicle was the same type as the casings found at the scene of the crime on Elm Street. He declined to name the owner of the car.

Moore said sheriff’s deputies reported McCaster told them he drove the red car on July 28 and Hunt, seated on the right in the rear, was the shooter. Warrants were  issued for Hunt, who had been on the run since the shooting, Moore said.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Hunt in Sidon Thursday. The investigation is ongoing, Moore said.

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