Four long-term care facilities in Leflore County had active COVID-19 outbreaks as of Thursday, according to data from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

On Friday, however, the name of only one of those had been publicly identified.

Joe Gimenez, a spokesman for Nexion Health, the parent company of Crystal Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, said in an email Friday that one resident and four staff members from Crystal had tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday.

Neither Scott Matthews, the administrator of Riverview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, nor Nay Reed, the administrator of Golden Age Inc., could be reached by phone or email Thursday or Friday to provide details about any COVID-19 cases.

Rebecca Edwards, an owner of Country Meadow Personal Care Home, an assisted living facility, said Friday that there were no cases of COVID-19 at Country Meadow.

Sharon Harvey, director of Indywood Glen Personal Care, another assisted living facility in Greenwood, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

In September, the Department of Health stopped reporting the names of long-term care facilities that had outbreaks and directed inquiries to a data tracker maintained by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The CMS tracker identifies only three long-term care facilities in Leflore County where residents have had COVID-19: Golden Age, Crystal and Riverview.

Also, the numbers provided by CMS are cumulative and lag more than a week behind the numbers from the state’s Health Department.

From the beginning of the outbreak in March through Nov. 8, according to numbers provided by the CMS tracker, 75 residents at Crystal have  had COVID-19, 25 others  have been suspected of having COVID-19 and 18 have died from the respiratory disease.

At Golden Age, 93 residents have had COVID-19, eight were suspected of having it and 14 have died from the respiratory disease.

At Riverview, 18 residents have had COVID-19, and two have died from the respiratory disease.

Residents of long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities, are at an increased risk of getting severely ill if infected with the coronavirus due to their age and other underlying medical conditions.

By Thursday, there had been 195 cases of COVID-19 at long-term care facilities throughout Leflore County; 47 residents had died from the respiratory disease, according to the Department of Health.

The most recent death of a nursing home resident in Leflore County was reported in early October, according to the state Department of Health.

Overall, 170 long-term facilities across the state had cases of the coronavirus as of Thursday, according to the Department of Health; there have been 7,342 cases of COVID-19 among long-term care facility residents, and 1,397 residents had died from the disease.

According to nationwide data on the CMS tracker, Mississippi has had the second highest average count of cases of COVID-19 per 1,000 residents of long-term care facilities at 429.8, falling behind only Arkansas, which had 431.6.

For the average deaths from COVID-19 per 1,000 residents of long-term care facilities, Mississippi ranked sixth at 82.7 deaths, falling behind New Jersey at 121.7, Massachusetts at 118.9, Connecticut at 107.1, Rhode Island at 91.4 and Arkansas at 83.1.

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