The Big Star grocery store in Greenwood’s Eastgate Shopping Center is not closing.

That’s the message store officials are trying to get out to counter the rumors they say started about six months ago but have picked up steam recently.

“The rumors that are going around are unfounded, and it’s actually affecting business,” said David Holcomb, division manager for  the store’s owner, Food Giant Supermarkets Inc. of Sikeston, Missouri.

“We’re actually investing money in the store to improve it and modernize it,” Holcomb said, including putting in new coolers and meat cases.  

Holcomb said he usually doesn’t respond to rumors but felt he had to in this case because of how rampant they had become, covering “every class of person, every race.

“We’ve had some people call to see if we were still open,” he said.

Not only is it open, but on Friday Big Star is holding a 12-hour truckload sale that lasts until 7 p.m.

Food Giant has in recent years closed two other Big Star locations in Leflore County — in Itta Bena and another in downtown Greenwood. Holcomb said, however, he wanted to assure customers the 24,000-square-foot store on the eastern edge of Greenwood is here to stay.

“We’re not closed. We’re not closing,” he said.

Food Giant has owned the store since 1985, when the company acquired it from Bob Smith, who had opened it a decade earlier. It has about 45 employees, Holcomb said.


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