Teachers currently in the Leflore County School District who go to work in the fall for the new Greenwood-Leflore School District will make about $200 per year more than this year.

That’s the result of the consolidated school board’s called meeting Monday. The board also approved new job descriptions for different positions within the district to allow for recruitment to begin as the city and county districts move toward their state-mandated merger.

Board Chairman Deirdre Mayes said the pay scale and job descriptions will allow the consolidated district’s newly hired superintendent, Dr. Mary Brown, to start recruiting and hiring for the fall.

“We are not trying to cut teacher pay, so we’re going with the higher scale,” Mayes said.

Instead of starting from scratch, the board — four of whose members also currently serve on the Greenwood School Board — adopted the salary schedule currently in use by the city schools. Teachers in the county schools make slightly less than their Greenwood counterparts, and will therefore receive a raise.

Teachers who come to the district with a bachelor’s degree and no experience will start at $35,710, with incremental increases each year to a maximum of $54,600 after 36 years.

Those with master’s degrees and no experience will make $38,430 per year the first year and $62,930 after 36 years.

Teachers who have earned a specialist degree will start at $39,924 with no experience and reach a maximum of $66,702 after 36 years.

And teachers with a doctorate without experience begin at $42,418 and reach a maximum of $70,474 after 36 years.

The job descriptions to be used in the consolidated district will be the same as those now in use in Greenwood schools.

In other business:

• The board decided to delay any selection of a financial software program for the new district until a business manager is hired.

• The board didn’t act on development of a board policy manual, which Board Member Samantha Milton said would be required by the state when the district goes live on July 1.

Mayes said she wants the superintendent to come up with a board policy manual that would merge the policies of the county district, the city district and recommendations from the Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA).

Board Member Randy Clark suggested the consolidated board adopt the Greenwood School Board’s policies and rewrite them to fit the new district, but Mayes said the Greenwood policies haven’t been expanded past the framework suggested by MSBA.

A suggestion by Board Member Antwoine Williams to adopt the Greenwood policies and have Board Attorney Kelvin Pullen rewrite them failed to gain support.

• Brown told the board she planned to keep the current Greenwood dress code for students in place rather than require uniforms. The dress code now requires khaki or navy blue pants or skirt with a collared shirt in the colors of the school the student attends.

• The board also discussed whether the new district would have the funds to expand Greenwood’s current 4-year-old preschool program to the county schools. Greenwood has one school-based program with the rest run by the federal Head Start program. Leflore County schools currently don’t offer preschool.

Before deciding, Clark said, he would like to see a comparison made of test results by fifth-graders to determine if children who attended preschool made any long-term gains over children who did not.

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