An increased number of third grade students in the Leflore County School District will enter fourth grade after passing the state-mandated third grade reading assessment.

The district’s failure rate after the first administration of the test in April was 61.4%, the second highest failure rate among the state’s 138 school districts.

Only Yazoo City had a worse score.  

The county district’s new failure rate after being tested a second time in May, is 41.4%, Mary Johnson, the district’s director of curriculum, said Thursday. This is only 2.5 percentage points higher than the Greenwood School District’s current rate.  

Students who do not score high enough on the assessment will not be allowed to enter the fourth grade.  

A total of 176 third graders from the county’s three elementary schools took the reading test, Johnson said.

Only students who did not pass on their first try had to retake the test.

Now, after the second test was given, 99 of the district’s third graders have passed the assessment.

At Brown Elementary, the failure rate is 24%, compared to 52.9% on the first try.

At Leflore County Elementary, the failure rate is 35%, compared to 53.2% on the first try.

Finally, at East Elementary, the failure rate is 65% compared to 74.6% on the first try.

Johnson said district’s remaining 77 third graders at risk of repeating the grade are being remediated for  four weeks prior to their final opportunity to take the test on June 27.

On July 1, the Leflore County and Greenwood school districts will merge to form the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District.

In the city district, 38.9% of its third graders still need to pass the test.

Like the county schools, the Greenwood School District is remediating its students prior to the third test, scheduled June 25.

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