Jim Neill, Josh Hurst

From left, Jim Neill and Josh Hurst, both candidates for supervisor, wait for the returns to be posted during Tuesday’s election night gathering at the Carroll County Courthouse. Neill won re-election in Beat 1, while Hurst unseated Beat 2 incumbent Terry Brown. Hurst will face Republican Jesse C. Saulter in November.

CARROLLTON — Political newcomer Josh Hurst has appeared to unseat Carroll County Supervisor Terry Brown.

With only absentee and affidavit ballots to count in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, Hurst had 397 votes in Beat 2, or 56%, to 316 votes, or 44%, for Brown.

Hurst, a 39-year-old engineer for AT&T, doesn’t expect to spend much time savoring his win, though.

“I’ve jumped one hurdle, and I move to another one,” he said of his November general election contest against Republican Jesse C. Saulter.

“I’ve got to keep hustling and keep talking to folks to tell them why I need to be their supervisor,” Hurst said.

The two other incumbent supervisors with Democratic primary opposition fared better than Brown.

In Beat 1, Jim Neill took 55% of the vote to turn back challenger Scott Montgomery, who had 45%. Meanwhile Rickie Corley in Beat 5 coasted past two challengers with 73% of the vote.

Neither faces opposition in November, returning both to office, Neill for a second term and Corley for a fourth.

While thanking his constituents after the votes were counted, Neill said he wants to concentrate the next four years on the county’s infrastructure and economic development.

“We want to get these bridges that we have closed rebuilt,” said Neill. “We want to add some more paved roads. And we want some more businesses in Carroll County.”

He added, “I do always want to try to make Carroll County a better, safer place to live. That’s my objective.”

In other district elections, Northern District Justice Court Judge Jimmy Avant easily won re-election over Therrell Turner with 72% of the vote, while Dorothy Branch in the Southern District was unseated by challenger Tinesha Erve-Earnest.

Erve-Earnest, a 34-year-old deputy clerk for the county’s chancery and circuit courts in Vaiden, got 54% of the vote to Branch’s 45%.

In the constable races, Joe Holman won re-election in the Northern District, but fellow incumbent Rob Banks has been pressed into an Aug. 27 Democratic primary runoff, either against Roshaun Daniels or Travis Gatewood.

Banks garnered 35% of the vote, compared to 30% for Daniels and 28% for Gatewood. Daniels had a 26-vote edge over Gatewood on the machine count, but absentee and affidavit ballots were still to be added.

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