The Itta Bena Board of Aldermen has declared a state of emergency in the city to address the effects of recent flooding.

The board made the decision at its meeting Tuesday. The move allows city workers to enter private property.

Mayor J.D. Brasel said a few  houses on Lakeshore Street had been affected by flooding from Roebuck Lake. A vacant home on Lakeshore was flooded, and the home of Ronald Starks, the city’s public works director, had water around it but not inside.

Sandbags have been set up  to protect a third home on Lakeshore, because more rain is  expected this weekend.

Overflow from the lake was already covering the entire backyard of that home and half of the front yard, making it difficult to get out. A pump has been installed to return water from the yard back into the lake.

“We can tell (the lake) is still rising,” Alderman Reginald Freeman said, “because at one point, it was just at the edge of the road; now it’s coming across the street.”

Also Tuesday:

• The board approved a contract for Solomon Osborne, who was chosen to replace Willie Perkins Sr. as city attorney after Perkins was elected chancery judge.

• Aldermen discussed the bad checks submitted for some residents’ overdue utility bills but took no action.

• During a discussion about ordering more garbage carts for the city, City Clerk Edna Beverly said some residents had more than one but were paying for only one. Brasel directed Starks to collect the names of those who have two or more so the city can charge them if it isn’t already doing so.

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