Renaldo Hunt was shot four times before his body was dumped on the side of Mississippi 7 on the night of May 26, according to the preliminary autopsy report.

Hunt’s body was found by a passing motorist near midnight as it lay on the surface of the road. Authorities said it appeared he had been killed only a short time before his body was found.

Carroll County Coroner Mark Stiles said the autopsy completed in Jackson late last week showed that the 30-year-old Greenwood man had died from the gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has developed “a few persons of interest” in Hunt’s killing but has run into an overall lack of cooperation from the people investigators have tried to interview.

“We have a few persons of interest in the case but nothing solid at this time,” said Highway Patrol Sgt. Ronnie Shive, who serves as a spokesman for the MBI investigators.

“People are just not talking. We’ve got an idea about what happened, but we’re just trying to get people to talk,” Shive said.

The MBI is leading the investigation because Hunt’s body was found on the surface of a state highway within Carroll County.

Hunt grew up in a large family in Sidon and had moved recently to the Browning Community. He had two sons with his long-term girlfriend, did seasonal work, washed and detailed cars, and cleaned houses. He also had a criminal history with convictions starting from when he was in high school.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete at Century Funeral Home in Greenwood.

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Some are protesting the newspaper publishing his public criminal record, yet they condone and uphold his life of crime by refusing to help the law enforcement solve the murder of their "loved one." I see the no snitch rule is ingrained deep and stupidly so. What is a snitch? One who turns in a lawbreaker? Someone who will steal from you, kill your loved ones, damage the community with drugs and mayhem and you want to protect this? You are allowing the illegal activity and idiots who break the laws to continue the reign of terror over you and yours? You do not have the courage to stand up for Renaldo and the future of his children. Renaldo's life means less to you than protecting the murderers. Instead you are perpetuating the circle of violence. It is time for this senseless killings and illegal activity to stop. The black community needs to take back from these people instead of protecting them. No wonder disrespect for the law is rampant in some areas, the very ones that law enforcement should be protecting you against you are protecting them against the consequences of their illegal actions. It is difficult to find sympathy with this logic. I do sympathize with Renaldo's children who are growing up in this warped dynamic.

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