A mass shooting suspect already charged with five counts of murder in Greenwood has now been charged with a sixth count in connection with the fatal shooting of his brother two years ago, according to authorities.

Tyrell Stigler


On Nov. 2, the Leflore County Sheriff’s Department charged Tyrell Stigler, 24, 126 Grenada Lane, with first-degree murder in the death of Jakarrius Thomas, who was 19 at the time.

“It’s good he’s off the street,” Sheriff Ricky Banks said of Stigler, whom Greenwood police have earlier described as a "stone-cold killer."

Thomas, a soon-to-graduate senior at North New Summit School, was shot twice early May 7, 2018, while he was sleeping at a mobile home on Sherman Street in the Buckeye community, authorities said then.

Thomas’ sister, mother and father were also nearby at the home at the time, Banks said. The family has since moved out of the mobile home.

Stigler, who also lived there, was considered a suspect from the beginning, but authorities were not able to charge him, Banks said. Stigler also initially denied shooting his brother when first questioned.

Several .45-caliber shell casings were collected at the crime scene, but no weapon was recovered, Banks said.  

After Stigler was arrested and charged with four counts of murder late last month in two separate shooting incidents in Greenwood, one of which was a mass shooting, Banks said that the Sheriff’s Department again questioned Stigler about the Thomas homicide. This time, according to the sheriff, Stigler said he had killed his brother.

“He didn’t show any remorse, even for killing his brother,” Banks said. “If he ever gets back out, I’m afraid he’ll do the same thing again.”

Banks could not give a reason why Stigler may have killed his brother but speculated that it may have been out of jealousy since Stigler may have felt his family favored Thomas over him.

As far as Banks knows, the shooting of Thomas is the earliest homicide in which Stigler has been accused. However, Stigler has been arrested before.

In January 2017, he was arrested by Mississippi Valley State University police officers and held in connection with an auto theft, according to records from the Sheriff’s Department. He was released that day after the victim declined to prosecute.

On Nov. 12 of last year, the Sheriff’s Department received a call reporting that shots had been fired at the Williams Landing apartment complex on Browning Road. Deputies found a 20-year-old man who had been shot several times between buildings 12 and 13, Banks said.

The victim, who did not live at Williams Landing but was visiting, was taken to Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

Deputies arrested Stigler that night and also recovered several .40-caliber shell casings as well as a .40-caliber pistol. Stigler never admitted to shooting the man but told authorities that he knew him. Banks said he didn’t know what the problem was between the two men.

Deputies were able to charge Stigler with attempted murder in that shooting based on evidence collected from the crime scene and accounts from witnesses.

Stigler’s bond was initially set at $500,000. He was released from Leflore County Jail Jan. 15 of this year after his bond was reduced to $150,000.

From his initial release earlier this year until late last month, Stigler did not have any other charges, according to arrest records from the Police Department and Sheriff’s Department.

On Oct. 29, police charged Stigler with four counts of murder in two separate shooting incidents.

One was a mass shooting that occurred the night of Oct. 24 at a post-funeral gathering on the 400 block of West Martin Luther King Drive. Two people died, and eight others were injured.

Stigler also was charged in a Sept. 17 shooting on East Johnson Street in which two Greenwood men died.

Police believe Stigler used an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle in both shootings since shell casings of that type of gun were collected at both crime scenes. An AR-15 in Stigler’s possession has since been confiscated and will be traced by the  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

On Nov. 2, police charged Stigler with another count of murder in connection with a drive-by shooting near the intersection of Garrard and Linden avenues early Sept. 27 that killed a Greenwood man.

Police Chief Jody Bradley has said that he does not believe the murder cases are directly related other than through the charging of Stigler, who is being held without bond.

Stigler was a 2016 graduate of Amanda Elzy High School, where he played safety on the football team his senior year.

Several residents of Grenada Lane, where Stigler most recently lived until he was arrested, said they did not personally know him and added that neighbors on that street mostly keep to themselves.

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