Some of Greenwood’s youngest students will learn the importance of planning for their futures.

Next week, Threadgill Primary will host a college and career week for its students.

The program will feature assemblies each day during which a guest speaker will tell students the details of his or her career, said Natalie Waterman, the school’s counselor.

The idea had lingered for about a year, said Principal Dawn Stamps-West, but the preparation for the event didn’t kick in until two weeks ago.

Among those speaking to the students will be a truck driver for Wal-Mart, an officer with the Greenwood Police Department, a firefighter from the Greenwood Fire Department, a farmer, a paramedic, an architect and a member of the U.S. Army.

Jackie Herr, a conversation resource biologist of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, will speak with students Thursday.

The weeklong program will also feature a celebration of the acclaimed children’s author Dr. Seuss on Thursday. Students are encouraged to dress in the manner of  their vocation of choice on Wednesday and in college apparel on Friday, Waterman said.

Waterman also is encouraging faculty of the school to dress up to play along, including dressing to represent careers they thought they’d enter or would still like to pursue.

Why host a college and career week at a school for pre-kindergarten to first-grade students?

“We need to do it now to get their minds going and to direct a sense of what they need to be prepared for,” Waterman said.

She added that “college is not for everyone” and wanted to let students know they have other options, such as becoming an electrician or plumber, two examples of careers that don’t require a four-year degree.

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