Leflore Illustrated

If you want some reading material to pass the time during this gloomy cold weather, the winter issue of Leflore Illustrated has arrived.

Home-delivery subscribers will receive the magazine with their weekend papers. Copies of Leflore Illustrated can be also found at the Commmonwealth, the Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, and other locations around town.

Love is epitomized on the cover with newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howard Redd III, who were married at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greenwood.

Along with a wedding registry, there are several features in the magazine that illustrate the heart of Greenwood.

Stevie Ray’s family-run barbecue restaurant provides hungry residents with tender ribs that fall off the bone.

Learn about Acona United Methodist Church, which was built in the 1870s in Holmes County.

Meet a 7-year-old slugger who’s an all-star both on the field and in school and a 16-year-old Pillow Academy student who is an expert in all things Napoleon Bonaparte.

Find out about the importance of the “power of prayer” for a family whose 5-year-old daughter beat cancer twice.

Tour the Fair family’s beautiful country home that sits right outside Greenwood.

Make dinner for the whole family with Lee Ann Flemming’s recipe for a slow-cooker pot roast.

A  photographer and a wedding coordinator share their experiences with the smaller parts of some weddings: children and pets.

And finally, jump into the proposal process for a young man wanting to spend forever with a lucky lady.

The winter issue is welcomed by Commonwealth Editor and Publisher Tim Kalich, who explains his affinity for sweater vests and how beautiful winter in the Delta can really be,  and is signed off by contributing writer Susan Montgomery, who reflects on connections with the late Carrollton native and accomplished author Elizabeth Spencer.

Contact Kerrigan Herret at 581-7233 or kherret@gwcommonwealth.com.

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