Hank Hargrove, David Jordan

Hank Hargrove, left, speaks with Greenwood City Council member David Jordan at the council’s Tuesday meeting. Hargrove, a retired businessman, was appointed by the council to replace Sammy Foster on the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Board beginning in June.

Retired businessman Hank Hargrove has been chosen to replace Sammy Foster on the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Board.

The City Council appointed  Hargrove in a 5-1 vote during its meeting Tuesday. Ward 6’s David Jordan voted no, and Ward 2’s Lisa  Cookston was absent.  

The Hospital Board, jointly named by the city and Leflore County, is composed of five members. Two are appointed by the county, two by the city, and one by  the city and county together.

Hargrove will begin serving June 1. Foster was originally appointed  in 1998 and became board chairman in August 2018.

“I appreciate the confidence you all put in me,” Hargrove said to the council. He and his family owned Delta Distributing Co., a wholesaler of Anheuser-Busch products. Following the company’s 2015 sale to Meridian-based Mitchell Distributing, Hargrove retired.

He said several of his family members  have worked at the hospital but also said, “I know I’ve got to learn about hospital administration.”

“We have to have this hospital,” he said. “We’ve got to work with what we have to try and make it better.”

Mayor Carolyn McAdams said she nominated Hargrove instead of Foster because “20 years is a long time to serve on the board.”

“At some point, we just need to let other people serve, and I believe that,” she said.

Explaining his vote, Jordan said: “I have nothing against Mr. Hargrove, but Mr. Foster is a friend, and he’s been doing a good job. If you’re going to terminate people because they’ve been there a long time, most of us have been here over 20 years but they haven’t terminated us. For that reason, I cannot go against a friend who has tried to serve the city as best he could.”

Also, the council:

• Heard from Raynor Randle about water drainage problems on his property at 312 Fairhaven St.

Randle complained that water from rainfall lingers in his drainage ditch and said he has asked the city multiple times if the problem can be fixed. He suggested that a pipe be laid to  run through a levee that’s located near his property.

Eddie Curry, wastewater director, said the city had installed a pipe a few years ago to help move the water from the drainage ditch into the yard, where it would eventually be soaked up by the ground. He also said that the city cannot run a pipe across the levee, as otherwise it would flood the entire neighborhood.

Finally, McAdams asked Curry to contact someone from Willis Engineering Inc. to look at Randle’s drainage ditch later in the week to see if the issue can be solved.

• Approved hiring Stroudwater Associates to review the operating conditions of the hospital. The county has already given its approval.

• Voted to update the 2007 ordinance that bans smoking in all work and public places to include electronic cigarettes.

• Approved $2,400 for a commemorative marker for Leflore County’s U.S. Army Reserve Unit, the 173rd Quartermaster Co., which was the only active Army Reserve unit during the Vietnam War. The total cost of the marker is $4,800. The county appropriated $2,400 for the marker during an April meeting.

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The original version of this article incorrectly reported that David Jordan had abstained in the vote on replacing Sammy Foster with Hank Hargrove.

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Regarding the article that Foster is out of the hospital board---Hallelujah.


Foster is out. Hargrove is in. Now the board needs another successful businessman. Suresh Chawla comes to mind.

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