A Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District student was arrested after bringing a firearm to last Friday’s Greenwood High-Cleveland Central football game at Bulldog Stadium.

Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks said his deputies, along with Greenwood police officers and Anjuan Brown, chief of security for the school district, apprehended a male student after they were  informed that the student had brought a weapon to the game.

Banks said the student was “under age” but did not identify the student or his school. The firearm was a “pistol-type weapon with an extended magazine” that could hold about 15 to 20 rounds, Banks said.

“I think he had intentions of doing something with it, but we don’t know what,” Banks said.

The sheriff said the student “got through the fenced area” but never made it to the stands.

“We’ve got to have more security to prevent that from happening on the campus,” the sheriff said.

The student was taken to the Leflore County Juvenile Detention Center on the order of Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Adams.

In a written statement, Dr. Mary Brown, superintendent, said, “According to law enforcement officials, a young man was found with a firearm in his possession last Friday night. ... District security was in place and immediately assisted other law enforcement officials to respond to the situation.

“The district is doing its part to ensure safety during school-sponsored events.  Parents and stakeholders are encouraged to work with the district to ensure the importance of abiding by rules and school safety is understood and communicated by all.  Safety and security for all stakeholders is always a top priority for the district.”

Friday’s incident follows a situation Aug. 28 involving a student who brought a loaded handgun to

Greenwood Middle School.

The issue of potential violence on school premises has prompted Greenwood resident Brittany Gray to take action. On Sunday, she held a community gathering, where about 20 concerned parents and other members of the community convened to discuss how to prevent violence.

“We want to figure out solutions to stop senseless violence,” Gray said.

Two task forces were created:  one to address recreation for Greenwood youth and another  regarding parental involvement.

The groups will work on solutions and convene for another community meeting later this month, Gray said.

Contact Gerard Edic at 581-7239 or gedic@gwcommonwealth.com.

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