CARROLLTON — A state of emergency has been declared in Carroll County due to flooding.

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors signed the proclamation Wednesday.

“The weather conditions of continuous rainfall have caused damage on county roads this week, and as this weather cycle continues, the county is taking precautions,” said Ken Strachan, the county’s emergency management  and civil defense director.

On Tuesday, County Road 31 was closed due to flooding where a  bridge is out. Road crews have been responding to several locations in the county due to the flooding. There  have been mudslides on county roads and a sinkhole this week. County Road 98 in northwestern Carroll County had a mudslide Monday night, and County Road 183 had one Tuesday night near the Centerville community.

“The rainfall has caused the ground to be saturated, and that causes the road banks to give way, and trees come down with it in many cases,” Strachan said.

On County Road 272, which connects U.S. 82 to Carrollton,  road crews and emergency management responded to a sinkhole, which was repaired Tuesday morning.

Later Tuesday, they responded to another mudslide on County Road 66 near McCarley.

“County supervisors along with Emergency Management have been monitoring the conditions of the roadways,” Strachan said. “We have been in contact with (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency) in being fully prepared, and this proclamation is part of that effort.”

The emergency declaration is in effect for 30 days and then will be reviewed for possible extension. It allows county crews to go onto private property.

Carroll County issued the same emergency declaration a year ago this month because of flooding. “Last year Carroll County had over $800,000 in flood damage to roads and bridges,” Strachan said.

The resolution was filed with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Wednesday afternoon.

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