The production team of “Women of the Movement,” a television series that will begin filming Monday, still needs male background extras who live in Greenwood and the surrounding areas.

Jenny Alison Rodriguez


“‘Women of the Movement’ begins filming in Greenwood next week. Keep an eye out, and you will see them all over town,” said Jenny Alison Rodriguez, the extras casting director for the series. “We are still looking for local extras, specifically men, to take part in the series.”

The first installment of the ABC TV series is scheduled to start filming Monday and is expected to continue through April, with extras needed as early as Tuesday, Rodriguez said.

This first season will include six episodes exploring the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till and the resulting activism of his mother, Mamie Till Mobley.

Emmett Till, a Black 14-year-old from Chicago, was tortured and killed after whistling at a white woman at Bryant Grocery and Meat Market in Money. The murder and the subsequent acquittal of the two white men responsible by an all-white, all-male jury is often credited with spurring the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s.

Rodriguez said the production team needs roughly 50 people for work over the next two weeks. “We are looking for men to play passengers on a train, city folks walking in the background of a scene, patients in a hospital and a variety of other roles,” she said.

Rodriguez added that they are looking for a small number of female extras but mostly are seeking Black and white men ages 18 to 75.

Anyone interested in participating may email his or her name, location, age, cellphone number and a few current photos to

Rodriguez said all extras will be paid, with a rate set for $8 an hour with an eight-hour guarantee and time-and-a-half paid after that.

All those involved must also follow strict COVID-19 policies laid out by the production. Rodriguez said that all participants must undergo regular virus testing to work on the set and masks will be required at all times, except when on camera.

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[huh] 8.00 an hour for an extra? Seems extremely low for the reimbursement.

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