A community group is inviting residents of Leflore County to take a trip to the Mississippi Museum of Civil Rights in Jackson on April 27.

Mission Mississippi of Leflore County is renting a charter bus with the capacity to add another 25 to 30 people in addition to the members of the group who will attend, said the Rev. Peter Gray of the Episcopal Church of the Nativity.

The group will meet at 8 a.m. at Nativity. Because space is limited, those interested in going are asked to contact Gray in advance at 453-7786  or missionmississippileflore@gmail.com to reserve a spot.

The trip is free, including the bus, admission to the museum, and a meal. Much of the cost was covered by a donation from Gail Goldberg, a Mission Mississippi member, Gray said.

Mission Mississippi operates local chapters throughout the state, with a mission “to build relationships within the body of Christ, within the church, across racial and denominational lines,” Gray said. Its activities include monthly prayer breakfasts at which people share updates about their lives  in small groups and pray together.

“It is a wonderfully modest group,” Gray said. “All we’re doing is gathering for breakfast and prayer, but the cumulative effect is you’re building relationships with folks that you otherwise wouldn’t have an occasion to build a relationship with.”

Gray said he hopes to have people of different races and denominations speak about their reactions to the museum’s exhibits.

Opened in December 2017 and connected to the Museum of Mississippi History, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum has been lauded for its numerous detailed and expansive exhibits concerning the state’s history in the struggle for civil rights.

Gray said he could have visited the museum with his family or members of  his church, “but the conversations that follow would be limited if it was just people I already know well or people from my own family or people of my own race.” Taking a cross-section of the community can help bring about  a more dynamic, thoughtful conversation regarding Mississippi’s history, he said.

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