A boy from St. Louis who would have celebrated his second birthday in August drowned in a swimming pool over the weekend while visiting his great-grandmother in Greenwood.

Kash Hawkins


Kash Hawkins drowned in a pool on Country Club Drive in Greenwood. Paramedics were called at 7:19 a.m. Friday and performed CPR but could not revive him.

Kash’s great-grandmother, Ernestine Hawkins, said the family stopped at her home as a part of their Fourth of July holiday from St. Louis.

Twelve people were staying in the house over the weekend, including two other children: a 3-year-old and an infant less than a year old. Kash’s parents, Jamichael and Taniya Hawkins, were also at the house.

Although the family is unsure what happened, they believe Kash’s 3-year-old sister may have opened the door to the pool area of the home without others noticing, Ernestine Hawkins said.

She said she hopes this tragedy will remind other families to be aware of this danger. “Accidents still happen, and they are real,” Hawkins said.

She said the heartbreaking accident was not caused by any kind of parental neglect. She said that the Hawkinses are very active in their children’s lives, especially her grandson and Kash’s father, Jamichael Hawkins.

“He is a good father. He takes time up with his children. He takes them to the park, he takes them to church, and he’s always doing things with them,” Hawkins said. “I want him to know that it is all God’s plan.”

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